DEMS IN DENIAL: Sen. Bill Nelson Files NEW LAWSUIT Over ‘Unconventional’ Ballots

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The midterm election madness continued Tuesday night in Florida, with Sen. Bill Nelson filing a new lawsuit over “unconventional ballots” used in his race against Republican Rick Scott.

“The lawsuit, filed in federal court by both Nelson and the Senate Democrats’ campaign arm in Tallahassee, asks a judge to ensure that the Florida Department of State does not disqualify ballots where selections are marked in different ways, so long as the voter’s intention is clear,” writes the Hill.

The lawsuit claims Florida’s Secretary of State may have illegally rejected ballots that “marked a selection in more than one way.”

“The State will incur no burden in counting the votes of voters who clearly indicated their definite choice for Florida’s U.S. Senate race, but may not have done so in the same manner for every race on the ballot or may not have cancelled-out erroneous overvotes using written words,” says the suit according to court filings.

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