DEMS IN DENIAL: Chuck Schumer Says Economy ‘May Look Good’ BUT…

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Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer weighed-in on Friday’s stunning economic report that showed rapid job growth and the largest wage increase in over a decade; saying the numbers “may look good” but actually “mean little” to most American families.

Schumer posted his scathing response to the Bureau of Labor Statistics recent jobs report on social media, writing “Latest jobs numbers may look good but don’t forget they coexist with a huge deficit-ballooning GOP tax break mainly for corporations for which we’ll pay a price down the road. When families see their health care costs go up because of GOP actions, these numbers will mean little.”

Friday’s job report shows the US economy added 250,000 private jobs in October, wages rose 3.1%, historic low unemployment among Hispanic-Americans, and the most number of Americans employed in US history.