DEMS IN DENIAL: Chuck Schumer Says Economy ‘May Look Good’ BUT… | Sean Hannity

Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer weighed-in on Friday’s stunning economic report that showed rapid job growth and the largest wage increase in over a decade; saying the numbers “may look good” but actually “mean little” to most American families.

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The problem for “Chuck-You” Schumer is he cannot undo what middle class families are experiencing - better wages, better jobs and improved livelihoods, so his lies will be seen for what they are. Combine that with their ugliness, encouragement of mob rule, the heartless and cruel manner in which they tried to ruin Justice Kavanaugh, continued hallow and false accusations of Russia collusion, their lawless borders position, and promoting higher taxes as they take back the "crumbs all spells bad news next Tuesday! The wave that is coming is going to be RED!


Yep. And who cares what goofball Chucky says anyway? It’s to the point of pathetic.

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He refuses to acknowledge how much healthcare costs went up under Obama and how he and the rest of the Democrats more than doubled the national debt.

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What does this socialist damn c Rat know about the “average American family’s interests”?
Did he ever ‘EARN’ the “crumbs” raises earned by the average American ?
Only new clothing for their children, needed tires for the family transportation, a better Christmas
for your family ??
Chuckie…how about you and Nancy crawl up each other’s exhaust pipe and disappear ???

It will be a cold – very cold – day in Hell, the day I take financial, or advice regarding the economy, from chuck schumer… The man is an intelligent idiot, with evil intentions for you and your family. He thinks he is playing the “long game”… but he’s just a puppet and a fool.