DEMS IMPLODING: Bloomberg Compares Warren’s Policies to VENEZUELA, Says Harris Would ‘Bankrupt Us’ | Sean Hannity

Former New York City Mayor and likely 2020 presidential candidate Michael Bloomberg unloaded on members of his own party this week; equating Sen. Warren’s tax plan with Venezuela and saying the US can’t “afford” Sen. Harris’ healthcare proposal.

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How about Kamala give us a plan on keeping Medicare funded past 2026 when it is suppose to run out of money before starting another Medicare program.

Australia has a universal medicare health system it is so popular brought in by a former labor PM Gough Whitlam in the early 70’ s that paid the price by being deposed in a coup by the CIA and Crown soon after but has been so well accepted by the people that has become a bi partisan policy and untouchable ever since and has not bankrupted the country or anything like it. Australia is unique in the world for its middle of the road half capitalist half socialist because of a strong labor party that seems to us the best political system in the world avoiding the extremes of both communism/socialism both now bookends of history and past their use by date I have advised POTUS of this fact 2 1/2 years ago but regrettably has not taken this particular message on board like my climate change advice but unlike other intelligence such as electoral fraud and silent coup against him I still support him tho against the deep state and satanic forces opposing him

On Warren’s Wealth Tax, this is why the Socialist / Communist Party (Democrat) brought libelous and unproven allegations against Justice Kavanaugh one week before the vote on his nomination. They believe that one federal judge out of 330 million Americans ought to have the power to change the Constitution. They know full well that amending the Constitution with the means that document provides NEVER will happen. Thus a Wealth Tax NEVER will happen unless a single left wing lunatic judge (i.e. one on the Ninth Circuit) changes the Constitution.

Australia has a strict immigration laws and you do not get anyone in there that is not working. It makes a difference if everyone is contributing. If our illegals would get the same treatment as legal immigrants we would not have such a problem. Legal immigrants have to have a sponsor and they cannot get on a government program for 5 years. It is wrong to give illegals benefits when they did not go through the right way to get into the U.S.

It’s quite clear the DEMS have way too much time on their hands. They should work a real job like Law enforcement, teaching high school students in the INNER CITIES, digging ditches, waiting tables, serving in the military, serving hot meals to the aged, infirm and homeless…nope; they just whine and complain…worse than a spoiled child. Get a real job and shut up !
Dr. Mike, Veteran & Patriot