DEMS DIG IN: Democratic Party Vows to Fight Trump’s ‘MUSLIM BAN’ After Court Ruling

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The Democratic Party vowed to “continue to fight” President Trump’s “Muslim Ban” this week, just a day after the Supreme Court decided that his revised immigration policies were not -in fact- a “Muslim Ban.”

The liberal legislators took their crusade against the White House to social media Tuesday, slamming the “unconscionable and antithetical” travel ban hours after the nation’s high court said the proposal was within the President’s constitutional authority.

“Trump’s Muslim ban is not only unconscionable and antithetical to everything this country stands for but makes us less safe and threatens our place as a beacon of freedom for the world. Democrats will continue to fight against these discriminatory policies at every step,” writes the party’s official Twitter account.

The Supreme Court’s historic ruling shocked liberal lawmakers this week; firmly stating the travel restrictions were “not discriminatory” and within the President’s powers to protect the citizens of the United States.