DEMS DIG IN: Democratic Party Vows to Fight Trump’s ‘MUSLIM BAN’ After Court Ruling | Sean Hannity

The Democratic Party vowed to “continue to fight” President Trump’s “Muslim Ban” this week, just a day after the Supreme Court decided that his revised immigration policies were not -in fact- a “Muslim Ban.”

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What is there to fight? Trump won this fight


Of course they are going to fight. Have to get more Democrat voters into the country.

What’s so great about Islam?

I thought that when the Supreme Court made it’s ruling that was it. But apparently that doesn’t apply to anything the democrats don’t like. I wonder how that works. Can conservatives do the same thing?

  1. You can commit murder and be praised for it - 2. The leftists love it!

I don’t get it. Why do democrats hate American’s so much that in most of what they do they put American lives at risk? Seems simple, ban the folks from terroristic counties. From most of those on the list, their own governments can’t even confirm who these people are.

It’s called having principles.

Yes, and it seems to me even if a president did it because he believed a religion was a threat, he could ban them from immigrating. He could not do anything to Americans practicing that religion, but if he thought it was a danger he could ban them from traveling here…