DEMS DEFLECT: DNC Boss Says Congresswoman’s ‘Motherf***er’ Comment a Result of ‘Passion’ | Sean Hannity

DNC Boss Tom Perez joined the growing chorus of Democrats deflecting criticism from Rep. Rashida Tlaib’s vicious attack against President Trump this week; saying her ‘Impeach the mother***er’ comment was simply a result of her “passion.”

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To the words ■■■■■■■■■■■■■ DNC uses Tom racist Perez, Rashida Taliban Tlaibs, lip service Kamala Harris, unhinged Pelosi, and crying ChuckChuck Schummer… back to you!

I’m passionate too!

Rashida is lying. Had she said that in Muslim country she would likely got her head chopped off. She, better others, knew exactly what she was saying when the filth flew from her lips.
This wack job needs to be deported, immediately. Do you think she’s here to assimilate? Of course not, this is the beginning of a Muslim plant who is here to breed with hopes of one day living in our White House.
She cannot be a representative of our country. She called it a distraction, that was crime against the POTUS. FINALLY I HAVE SEEN THE BOTTOM OF THE DEM BARREL. ALL OF YOU ARE DISPICABLE CRIMINALS.
We need a new voting system , send her dumb ass back to her country where she will better fit her kind.