Dems continue to pull pins and frag conservatives

Maher: Trump Will ‘Go When He Wants To Go,’ Even if He Loses 2020 Election

(Breitbart) On Friday’s broadcast of HBO’s “Real Time,” host Bill Maher stated he doesn’t know if Democrats will ever win another election because President Trump “is going to go when he wants to go, and that includes losing the 2020 election.”

Maher said, “The mistake was made by letting him become president…

Mah-her says what libbious dems are thinking. And what libs think is like some sort of contorted psychotic glue fume driven nightmare.

50% of the country thought Trump was cool enough to vote for and for their trouble they are made out to be lower than snake’s bellies. Intimidated and bullied. SHAME on libs! Shame!

Lol get over yourself, put on the big boy panties and stop playing the victim.

Um, no. Trump lost the popular vote. A higher percentage voted for Clinton and neither breached 50%.

Maher has been saying this for months and months. Not really news of any kind.

He admires autocrats, wants to lock up his enemies, and calls the media the enemy of the people. It’s not a huge stretch to think he might not willingly leave office.

I think the left should continue on the hateful path they’re on. Real, patriotic Americans are seeing how low they are and it’s a beautiful thing. And if they ever decide to go Sumter/ Bull Run, well, we know how that will turn out.

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I’m guessing the frilly, effete little cowards don’t have it in them.

Complete nonsense… The population of adults in the US is around 235 million… Trump received almost 63 million votes…

Only because the Nets went dark calling the race for about 6 hours so the leftie libtards in CA, OR and WA would still go to the polls in the late hours. They all knew it was over around 9:30 and let hillary get a bunch or worthless votes from the coast.

Ok honey bunny

hillary was a throwaway vote. bernie knew it.

She couldn’t even answer questions unless they were given to her ahead of time.


And if you discount all the illegal votes Clinton got, Trump would have gotten upwards of 60% of the total votes cast. It’s disgusting that more people aren’t talking about this.

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Major delusion going on right there dude………………

You libs can’t handle the truth.

And besides that, the pallets full of boxes full of ballots from Russia were never actually counted, so trump would have won the popular too if they were.

trump had cargo ships full of votes from russia if he ever needed them. Luckily he didn’t.

Oh, and thanks James Comey for late-term aborting aborting the hillary presidency.

The news reports i’ve seen said the Russian votes were counted, as they should be considering that Russia is part of the United States. Do you have a link that says otherwise?

Real… patriotic… Hug that flag.

listening to MSNBC now.


cons say “black people should be beat up”?

Libs think these lies will help them. Fine. They tried the exact same thing in 2016.

Trump said he DID win the popular vote. What an idiot he is.

Why would Trump leave office when it is stolen from him in a fraudulent election? He said millions of people voted illegally last time and he won. What’s he going to do when he loses?