DEMS CAVING? Centrist Democrats Urge Pelosi to Strike a Deal with Trump on Border | Sean Hannity

Several centrist Democrats called on Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi to make a counteroffer to President Trump’s immigration compromise proposal; saying the left-wing leader needs to end the partial government shutdown.

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For many of us, “WE HAVE BEEN HERE BEFORE”. When the dem-on’s decide to supposedly do their job, there is usually a big catch! Usually, if they offer something, it most certainly has a caveat. Sometimes a very broad statement of compromise, but inclusive in small print hidden somewhere or added at the very last possible moment is their real intent, so they slip it in. OK, you say, so what? Well, that is where we are at today. President Trump has made his position as clear as it could be and offers to end the shutdown, but the “D’s” want absolutely nothing to do with anything “TRUMP”, i.e. border security (even though they wanted it a few years ago). The President offered even more folks from DACA than the D’s asked for, a while back and still they turned it down. Why? Simply because it was President Trump, and instead of seeing what “may be good” for the US, and it’s citizen’s, and actually doing their job as legislators, they did not want to give President Trump any possible way he could call it a win, period! Super petty as far as I am concerned, but typical R&D legislators.
So now the news is saying the “dem-on’s” are caving or that Centrist Dem’s want the “P” lady to work with the Pres., Well OK!, I’ll go for that, even though that could have been done well in advance of this shutdown, OK, “BUT”???
Once again, those Republican’s that have been through this crap many times before in dealing with the D’s and their backhanded methods, had best secure their belongings “AND OURS”, as the “D’s” are notorious for scamming any deal, and/or adding more small print to the deal, that basically screws the American public, period! So???
I am sincerely hoping and yes praying that the “NEW” Dem’s coming into this new Congress have enough clout to push past the “P” speaker, and not only negotiate in good faith with President Trump, but also put within this agreement a solid plan in dealing with a total revamp of our immigration policies, then the DACA folks, sanctuary cities, 14th Amendment anchor baby fixes, + others and of course the main thing “OUR WALL/BARRIER” at the southern border. Plus making sure there is no less than $5.7 billion in this set of negotiations “W I T H O U T” reduction to even one penny of this $5.7 billion. For the balance we can work on that maybe later this year, along with healthcare. For me, I’d say the $25 Billion is the goal to negotiate with, (especially as it was offered once before and yanked) and not the measly $5.7 B. But at this point, make this happen and the rest could follow?
So, saying all of this, I sincerely hope these so called adults come to the table ready and “WILLING” to compromise with President Trump, however I caution everyone, and remind you that the “D’s” are famous for actually cheating their way through any deal proposed or made, and it has been this way for the last 150 years, give or take? Personally, I feel very confident that if the “D’s” show up actually ready to deal and with “ZERO” shenanigans, then it is my belief that we will all benefit from the results. So, If you’ve read the “Art of the Deal”, you too will be confident as I am about President Trump’s chances of getting this done, opening up the government again putting our people back to work, and so we can move onto the next set of challenges and wins, for President Trump and the American people! “PERIOD”
P.S. If negotiations are tight Mr. President, hell, name the damn deal after the “Dem’s” if you have to, who gives a crap. They own this shutdown, so history will be correctly written on this anyway’s!

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