Dems can't pass the stimulus bill

Sock Puppet Joe was told to tell everyone, if elected he’d get those 2000$ checks out day one, and yet here we sit without a bill to pass. Not to mention stingy Joe’s controller reduced the checks to 1400$.

The best the dems could do was change the rules to allow passage without rep votes in the senate. That was good for a news cycle but that does not mean they have the votes to pass anything or there is anything to pass!

In my opinion the problem is the dems are divided and there is no leadership. They are fighting for their crony spoils. The near dead white male the dems installed does not have the mental capacity to stay focused let alone lead. No hours on the phone leading congress for old Joe. It’s nap time and I doubt he’d remember who he’s talking too anyway.

I saw a vid of the sock puppet calling unemployed people. Why? Is just going to tease them? Ha, ha, you got no job? He has nothing to offer.

Hey, dems don’t you think you should have passed the stimulus before you started removing jobs like the XL pipeline?

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So there are no puppet masters driving the country to Venezuela and communism in general

No leadership!

Excellent news

As a sidenote, compromise doesn’t mean absence of leadership.

They didn’t change the rules, reconciliation is part of normal order. It is how the TCJA was passed in 2017


So no Venezuela?

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What are they compromising on? They just passed a bill to ignore reps, so who’s negotiating?

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I didn’t know anyone on the left thought there was something wrong in Venezuela.

" * The Senate on Friday morning passed a budget resolution, and the House will follow suit in the afternoon, starting the process that will allow Democrats to approve a rescue package with no Republican votes."

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You said they were divided internally. That’s with whom they are compromising

They just compromised on the minimum wage.

Do you have a link to that story?

Compromise is a bad word in Con-Speak…


Wow, quite a projection as the dems just made it so they don’t need any reps.

So, who compromising?

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I seem to remember some hair on fire threads about how if Biden was elected we would turn into Venezuela. I also seem to remember multiple liberals replying that wouldn’t happen.

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Yes. That is budget reconciliation. It is normal order, no rules are changed to make it happen. Again, it’s the same way the TCJA was passed in 2017 without any Democratic votes


You need another source. CNN pushed Russian Collusion lies for 3 years, knowing closed door testimony said there was none, so I don’t trust them, and won’t go to their site. They are fake news.

You did see the part where they did it so they don’t need reps to pass it, right?

Yes. And yet again, a rule change wasn’t required to accomplish that.

Okie dokie

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The dems changed no rules.

How do you think the republicans got rid of the Obamacare mandated tax?



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