Democrats want to forgive these memory problems Republicans will remember in 80 days

The very definition of a troll thread.


I dont believe troll threads include the factual reporting to back it up. Does your attack on me mean you want the immigration nightmare to continue? I hope you never have to face an illegal like these. in a dark alley or your own house

So these two people are represntative of ALL illegal aliens?

Where’s your factual evidence for that?

Nice misdirection. it only takes a few bad apples to spoil the bunch.

Then our entire population of LEGAL residents is pretty damn spoiled then, as there are more violent criminals per capita in the legal population than in the illegal population.

And it wasn’t a deflection. YOU chose to use the “fear of the other” argument to argue for stricter enforcement of the borders, when there are plenty of better arguments you could use.

Both of these killers were horrible as children I am sure. A quality background check could keep the killers out. Why take the gamble? for a few votes just let whoever run across

So your answer is we cant possibly do better and whatever evil sneaks across the border is what we must live with?

Are you talking to me?

Of you are, you should use the reply function next to my post so I am notified.

My response to you is of course we can do better.

Why would you assume from what you posted that I believe we could not?

I simply choose not to make decisions on what’s better by fear-mongering.

I commented on illegals committing violent crimes and you want to counter with crimes committed by legal residents? apples and oranges

I’ll be alright. Thanks.
And I know you lot won’t stop at “illegals”.

No, I asked you a question about the argument you chose to use.

Why would you choose such an argument except to scare people into believing if we keep illegals out, America will be safer?

The evidence is AGAINST such a claim.

ICAM with you it has to be part of the GOP candidates campaigns along with pointing out “the fact” that Democrat Obama’s 2008 campaign was fined $370,000.00 (the largest ever) for campaign violations. Whatever the Dems come up with there is a much worse factual comparison to be made against them.

GOP better use all the fodder the Dems are handing them on a silver platter.

I don’t think that’s how it works mathematically. The crime rate will drop. And the prices at grocery stores will raise.

Actually, it kind of is how the math works…but the differences would be so minor you likely wouldn’t notice any difference at all.

Grocery prices might rise, however.

I think we should do quality background checks on all Americans. We would have been able to prevent all of those school shootings.

Agreed. It only takes the misconduct of a few gun owners to justify increased scrutiny on all gun owners.

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