Democrats: The only gatherings allowed are Floyd protests

In response to Orthodox Jews peacefully gathering outside for a funeral, the Democratic Mayor of New York said this:
“We’re not allowing any kind of gathering, period,” the mayor said at a press briefing. "I don’t care if it’s 20 people or a hundred people or a thousand people, it’s not going to be allowed. So the point is, if you gather, NYPD is coming there to give you a summons and if you resist, to arrest you, period, across all communities."

Now he supports Floyd protestors even though bans on religious gatherings are still in effect:
"I want to just say anyone who wants to protest, we’re going to protect your right to protest . . ."–Mayor De Blasio

De Blasio is hardly unique. Similar contradictions have appeared in Minneapolis, DC, Los Angeles as Democratic mayors support mass Floyd protests but have insisted on strict lockdowns.

Just a few weeks ago, liberal academics were proposing denying medical care to anti-lockdown protestors since what they were doing was so dangerous:

I have not see similar proposals for the Floyd protestors. Why is that?

I thought the big-city neighborhoods with the largest protests were the ones most in danger from the disease?

Do Democrats really believe that the first amendment rights only apply to them and to causes they happen support?

Is the change proof that the bans on outdoor gatherings were never really necessary to begin with?

On the other hand, what should happen if cities with protests see a large increases in coronavirus cases? Should the federal government institute quarantines if cities and state fails to act responsibly?

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There is no doubt these protests will lead to a CV spike. It’s unfortunate. We were moving in the right direction…

Our best hope is, since they are outdoors, and attended mostly by masked people, it won’t be a huge setback, but I’m dubious. So many young people, who will be low or no symptoms, going back to their homes…


Hope this doesn’t derail the re-openings, but I suppose it might.

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From what I have seen there is very little risk of transmission between people who are outdoors, so it is unlikely that cities will see an increase of cases as a result of the protests.

On the other hand, I see no way that the cities can allow massive crowds for Floyd protests while banning other gatherings that are protected under the First Amendment.

The news is that George Floyd had the coronavirus when he died. Does that mean that his death was really a coronavirus death based on the logic used by the government?

“If someone dies with COVID-19, we are counting that as a COVID-19 death,” Birx said.

I’m confused, the “George Floyd protests” are ok with geldings like DeBlasio and his fellow liberal-progressive “leaders”. But the criminal activity taking place by emboldened wilding cretins and anarchists is also ok and included in “1st Amendment rights”?

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So… Democrats bad?

Thanks for the upcoming spike in China Virus cases, libs. :rofl:

all your fault


Should they be arrested like the governors and mayors were threatening to do with everyone else who assembled?


Of course not, that would be interfering with a Presidential campaign.

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Reopen a burned out building that was once a business?
What magic wand will get waved to pull off that trick?

the more people learn how destructive to society the unhinged loser left is, the better off we’ll be

problem is the loser left media hides this

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What will happen is if there is s spike because of the protests and rioting, they will ignore the why and scream about the number to blame their President.

If reminded about the riots, they will scream that their President should have quelled them to protect the innocent from COVID.

I’m confused about why you feel the need to insult geldings.

It seems that perhaps some of the community leaders of legitimate protest are learning some things about the fringe elements of their political philosophies.

It’s certainly going to derail openings of businesses looted and burned.

You know, in hindsight I’ve been careless in my choice of words. I’m sorry and come to think of it, as a younger man I tended to the horses on my grandfather’s farm and a quarter horse gelding named Louie was my favorite. We were buds except he took pleasure while brushing whipping me with his tail and stepping on my feet!
Louie bore no resemblance to DeBlasio. Louie was better looking.


Arrests for attending a funeral but not so much for burning, looting, and beating folks is the ultimate in Hypocrisy.

If De Blasio had a brain he would probably take it out and play with it. :roll_eyes:


Not every protest is ending in looting. Our town had a huge one. Not looting, No rioting. Just solidarity of protest.


This is simply not true, and I find it hard to believe you don’t know that it is not true.

Thousands of people have been arrested during the last week for their actions after the protests.

For not social distancing?

Read his post again.