Democrats Praise Australia ,SK,Covid Measures yet their cases are rising?

I have seen a comment like this before but not surprising

Joe is 100% correct as usual.
More than 200,000 Americans have now perished from Covid-19, surpassing the total number of U.S. dead during World War I. Had American leaders taken the decisive, early measures that several other nations took when they had exactly the same information the U.S. did, at exactly the same time in their experience of the novel coronavirus, how many of these Covid-19 deaths could have been prevented?
That isn’t a hypothetical question. And the answer that emerges from a direct comparison of the fatalities in and policies of the U.S. and other countries — South Korea, Australia, Germany, and Singapore — indicates that between 70% and 99% of the Americans who died from this pandemic might have been saved by measures demonstrated by others to have been feasible.

Do they mean the same measures which so many Germans protested against? and isnt this the same SK and Australia have had placed dictatorial measures?

Most of the deaths in America by covid had happened in New York and the 100k+ death counts come mostly from New York, NJ. If Joe Biden and democrats are going to be using actual data to back up their attacks on Trump.

Maybe they should be using the same data and CDC’s own data agaisnt andrew cuomo who placed sick patients with covid in nursing home centers.

But as usual democrats will never criticize andrew cuomo for the deaths of thousands of thousands of Americans.
They would see Cuomo as a “Hero”

Whats the point of harsh lockdowns for sxi/four months when you up again and you would be testing again after the lockdowns end? you cant lockdown nations forever.

A friend said in the community said anything would be marked with covid, if you had a flu or cold the test would problary mark as a positive for it. These covid tests arent reliable yet for some reason they are being trusted.

I am not surprised that a number of people are fleeing from California. Many jobs in california had being ruined and businesses destroyed and those business wont be re opening ever again. I know one place in
California where 400+ restaurants wont be ever re opening even if this crisis is delcared over at some point.

These lockdowns sure do help on one thing, destroy small business. And have a negative impact on the mental health of people. Is this what the democrats wanted? “Lockdowns” and harsher messures that have negative consequences on your health and well being?


This is not true.

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Yes your right lockdowns dont work, masks dont work. Covid-19 is fake, the rest of the world got it wrong but Trump led America to the promised land.

:roll_eyes: :roll_eyes: :roll_eyes:

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And now Trump is talking about herd immunity because his “expert” Tony Atlas thinks it’s a good idea to kill off somewhere between 2.5 - 6.4 million Americans.

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Reports are that parts of Australia have become a virtual police state with their draconian lockdown rules:

Praises for these kinds of restrictions could backfire big time on Democrats.

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Look at CDC thats where i look for the numbers of the death toll New York had the highest of deaths. NJ and New York not FL.

Of course you would try to claim it isnt but it is. The most interesting thing about all this is that the demo carts in Nashville lied about the data.

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That does not support your OP.


76% of deaths happened outside of NY and NJ.

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5% of the nations population and 25% of the deaths! OMG, this is horrible. The worst covid response anywhere!

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Did you and Adam Schiff attend the same Democrat trolling seminars?

It’s pointless to bring up how well other countries are doing if their methods are not something that could be done in the US. South Korea for example. Their method of contact tracing could not be duplicated here. You’d have neither compliance nor enforcement, so what’s the point?

Didn’t the CDC finally admit only 6% of the 145.000 died from Covid?


It’s a meme they trot out from time to time.

Shows where the soul of our nation is…that it is so easy for some people to rationalize 200,000 deaths with “Well they were likely to die soon anyway”.

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Virtually nothing in this post is true.

Maybe we should have both?

This reminds me of the “the constitution isn’t a death pact” stuff…

I was being serious. If you look at the contact tracing methods SK used (maybe still does) you’d see it can’t or wouldn’t work here.

We can’t even enforce masks in NJ. They’re currently trying to pass a 500 dollar fine for not wearing a mask, but no way to enforce it. It’s like a roadway with a speed limit but no troopers.

Leftist have to praise Australia and SK now… praising Europe ain’t working out anymore. Anybody with a brain could have told them it would go this way (and I did, to their derision and denial).

"Well they were likely to die soon anyways. "

Wasn’t that Cuomo and othe Democrats intention when they sent covid patients to Senior care centers?

you have a source for this?