Democrats on House panel sue for Trump tax returns

Then, why ask the same question?

Clinton crime family?

Good thing lying is not a crime.

I asked no such question.

Yep! Most of Washington would be in jail.


Snicker…none of this matters…

They have the right to the tax returns…

You have nothing

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That’s what impeachment is for.

Can congress pass laws that might limit any number of tax schemes for real estate developers? Can they request tax returns on real estate developers regardless of whether they are in office?

See how easy it is to come up with legislative intent…

About 6 months ago, LIBs were plain giddy about the imminent forced release of Trump’s tax returns. At the time I correctly predicted they wouldn’t be forthcoming any time soon.

I’m further predicting this will remain tied up in the courts and that House DEMs will never gain access to them.

Including the President. Glad we could agree.

Trump is like any other politician. They play fast and loose with the truth. He is no different than any other politician in that regard.

With Spygate hanging over their heads I’m not surprised, are you?

That’s it. Oversight and fishing expeditions are entirely different things.

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As is political revenge, which is what we are really talking about. Trump must be punished for having defeated their queen.

He leaves other politicians in the dust of his lies.

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They were giddy about the eminent release of the Mueller report not long ago too.

That didn’t go well for them either.

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But of course you would say that. My award for all time liar goes to Obama, but that is just me I guess.

The DOJ’s opinion is that the President is not required to release his tax returns. The rock solid Constitutional response clarifies that without a serious legislative use for these returns, requesting them is an abuse, since Congress does not have that type of plenary power.

Nobody could match Obama or Hillary.