Democrats on House panel sue for Trump tax returns

Well it’s about time. They have every right to perform the oversight that they are tasked to perform.

Now Donald Trump and his team will stretch this out as long as humanly possible and try to lock it up in court.

I can’t wait for some sleazy Democrat to run for president who has all grades of criminal financial stuff going on all over the place and republicans refusing to go after his tax returns.

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You seem to imply that Trump is a known criminal. That simply isn’t the case.

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Can you put the bar any lower?


Individual 1.

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“People have got to know whether or not their president is a crook.”

Remind me again, Trump supporters, did Donald Trump pledge to release his tax returns?


Trump is a habitual liar.

Any accusations should be turned over to the appropriate federal district attorney for a proper criminal investigation. if they find something and feel they can’t file charges, and the feel it is urgent enough, have them turn over a report to the house to consider impeachement (then charges can be filed after the sitting pres is out of office).

I get the feeling the NY AG has fat donald’s state tax returns.

NY AG pwning fat donald. You can call me “Tish” :rofl:

You do realize that he has been identified as the unnamed coconspirator in a campaign finance indictment right?

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Or the House could perform oversight like they’ve always been asked to do.

All County Building Supply and Maintenance.

I wonder if he has something like this going on right now to transfer as much wealth to his children and avoid paying taxes.


Trump U?

Trump foundation?

I know these was a civil action, not criminal.

a bit shady perhaps?


He also paid off a porn star via an LLC. nothing criminal but shady?


If a President cannot be prosecuted while in office, he kinda is above the law.

Yep! We already know he isn’t. :wink:

So then you agree Trump isn’t a known criminal. :wink:

As in the Clinton crime family? :thinking:

Not even worth a response, having been debated at length in prior threads.

Digging for alleged or perceived ciminal activity is NOT their constitutional duty. If if is, please point it out in the constitution. Please and thank you.

If they think he has done something DURING HIS TERM in officer that is high crimes and misdemeanors, then have them start an impeachment inquiry. They need to ■■■■ or get off the pot and not disguise impeachment inquiry as oversight.

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