Democrats Don't Want People to Get Proven Coronavirus Safe Drugs

I just can’t believe that any governor or politician would oppose a proven drug that is one of the safest drugs in existence, hydroxychloroquine, that will save tens of thousands of lives, perhaps millions of lives from Coronavirus!

What is wrong with them?

I don’t understand. Really I just can’t fathom a monster like that, willing to have the blood of so many people on their hands if it somehow might help them politically…I don’t think it will do anything but backfire, but that is what they are doing.

It’s evil, disgusting. & well, stupid.

I can only guess they think the higher death rates will reflect badly on Trump, I can’t see any other reason than they are doing this for political reasons. What monsters! If they get the virus, I bet they will get hydroxychloroquine for themselves & family. Monsters!

Its been two month, since we heard this drug will save lives.
has there been a single study proving that fact yet.

It’s a proven remedy. It’s been used tens of thousands of times for coronavirus & has worked almost every time. It’s been around decades & is one of the safest drugs.

They gave it to Tom Hanks an his wife.

Maybe they only want the rich and elites to have the drug…beside invested interest for body count.


Could you expound on which governor or politician is opposing this. I haven’t been paying any attention to this topic.


A drug does not have the proven efficacy ≠ that governors want people to die to make the President look bad,

I’m sure you have some medical study to prove this.

That’s probably right.


It’s from the renowned medical journal “FWD:FWD:FWD:FWD: Email”


Prove it.

In the meantime, people shouldn’t be asking their doctor friends for prescriptions they don’t need, hoarding it all away from the ones who do.

They got chloroquine.

We have tens of thousands of coronavirus victims that was saved by this SAFE drug. Must be the body count for these politicians thinking it will somehow hurt Trump.

Here’s why it will backfire: In a few months the political ads will go like this = Democrat XXX opposed use of hydroxychloroquine & XXX thousands died in their state/district. In these states/districts run by the GOP there was much less percentage deaths that in dem areas.

I don’t really care for this even being a political issue, I can’t believe anyone would be such an evil person as to use so many people’s innocent blood for political gain…so sad, so unbelievable…but hey, I guess we have to have a political fight to save lives too…

Prove it.

Of course, cite a study where a very abnormally high dosage was used… the low dosage of 200mg twice daily is all that’s needed. Very safe 99% of the time. You can drink too much water & die!

But hey, let’s do useless studies with extremely high dosages with a drug that’s been around for decades with a proven safety record at normal dosages to trash it for saving lives form coronavirus. The Normal dosage is working. It’s already saved tens of thousands of lives & not harmed one of those it was given to.

Some people have taken hydroxychloroquine for 65 years without a bad effect. But no, let them all die because…it MIGHT harm 1/1000% of those who take it! Let them all die!

Link to the “tens of thousands of times?”

Funny how it’s “worked almost every time”…except when it’s used in studies specifically designed to test for its efficacy.

It must be like a quantum drug…works every time…until you try to measure it working.


Those who was treated too late died. Just like the many more who died that didn’t get it. Thousands of doctors are giving hydroxychloroquine with great success. Only those who don’t WANT to see that fact don’t see.

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No we don’t.

You realize that’s not how drugs that are truly efficacious work, right?

Even if they don’t save the patient if “given too late” they usually have measurable impacts.

It’s how protease inhibitors were identified as truly effective against HIV when other drugs that looked promising were not?

They’re doing a study of front line workers using HCQ as a preventative right now.

We’ll see what happens when that study reads out.

And again…anecdotes aren’t evidence of efficacy.


have there been any lives saved by it?