Democrats Creating Artificial Shortages that will Lead to Recession

I see…its coming together now

good luck to you guys!


Globalist in other countries have.

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This leftist movement is indeed world wide.

Have you found that policy yet? The one CA Dems implemented that caused the shipping backup

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California’s congested ports expose the root problem of shipping delays

“Seroka said. “First, we need to get workers vaccinated so we can have max capacity out on the docks and ships.” To that end, Seroka said the LA port has a vaccination center on site to vaccinate port workers, but is waiting on an increase in supply from the government.”

“The implementation of COVID restrictions caused many of the problems at the ports. For example, officials noted that every shift change for port workers requires new protocols, including the cleaning of crane compartments and equipment, daily health screenings for staff, and other inefficiencies caused by social distancing measures.”


Nice deflection & spin! Congrats!

It’s just getting started to. In a couple months it’s going to be really rough.


It is all a part of the plan to monetize the debt. We have built up extraordinary debt over the last 100 years and without monetizing it the result will be painful. The result of monetizing long term, more painful, but when did these idiots ever think past the next election?

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Here is a great article from Barron’s breaking down some of the goings on.

Might be time to become a prepper?

Some among them are attempting to change into a circular economy. Notice how much the word “sustainability” is used now?

Get used to less.

It’s all part and parcel of the same ideology.


That’s what you got from the article? :joy:

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Seems I am the smarter one. I was willing to put in the hours and money to own the business and make my own decisions. You are only employed because of people like me.

I work from home… work 40 hours or less a week. I make my own decisions as well.

Need link to this assertion, please.

As far as the National Guard, Massachusetts Governor Charles Baker did call them in for help with the bus driver shortage:

As for more reasons Americans are refusing to return to work, I agree not only should there be $0.00 extra in Unemployment benefits. There never should have been lockdowns from the get go.

Here, though, are more reasons they aren’t returning:

If a job search isn’t done they should IMO not only receive $0.00 in Unemployment benefits, but should not be eligible for ANY public assistance should they apply.

The national unemployment rate is 4.8%.

There was a labor shortage before the pandemic.

The pandemic made that shortage worse.


You work for yourself. That’s not the conversation being had.

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Or ‘just in time’ is good for shareholders, and no one else.


“lower your expectations”.

Sorry, I have become accustomed to toilet paper and soap.

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Which makes you an employee not a business owner.