Democrats Call for Harrasment of People that support Donald Trump

You’re funny. Are you actually able to work rationally with other people.

I already told you thee answer to your question. Democrats should learn how to read.

There you go, making-up ■■■■ again. :wink:

Did you really type morality? HAHA! OMG! HAHA! Dont even. Repukes admittedly have no morals. Puhleez! Trumper!

What would Donald Trump do?

So OP, are you one of those Trump bootlickers who love to talk about lib tears? Cuz I’m seeing some tears coming from you right now.

Personally, I find that most Liberals are actually sexist and racist!!! But are simply to pathetic, because they can never be about it! But Just like Bill Clinton said about Obama “You know if it was a couple of years earlier than Burrack Insane Obama would be serving us our drinks, and he said this to a Kennedy” Just like most Kenney’s, and most Democrats, they only care about votes! They will say anything and do anything to get those votes! even if it is for, or against what America really wants, or what Democrats really want. lol.

I’m actually one of thee rare Trump voters that have gotten kicked off of group after group for being subjective and being neutral against Trump. How many Trump supporters do you now like that? lol. This is a lot of fun to me, mainly because most people in politics aren’t subjective, and are completely one sided and ignorant for what they believe, and whom they voted for!!! It’s sooo much fun for me, and so easy to destroy either side that apposes me. lol. or questions me. lmao. I’m not ganna lie. I’m a sapiosexual, but some times even debating on here does get completely pathetic, and boring to me debating wise. lol. I mean I’m nothing great or special, but even when it comes down to a Republican, Conservative, and liberal Socialist, or a Democrat, I find it very dull intellectually to talk with most of them. I really do think though that Dan Bongino, or Sebastian Gorga, might possibly be my equals all on their own, without people telling them intellectual wise what to say.

How about links to the groups you got kicked off of. We like to see them.

Maybe the same when I could not get an answer to why some cons on this board would call me “un-American” for not agreeing with them. That they were part of the group here that were “true Americans”.
You use the plural “Democrats” to broad brush the actions of one or a few. Maxine Waters makes a statement and suddenly she represents all Democrats. It’s nonsense and you know it.
And where is your example of a conservative Republican woman being called a traitor against equality by Democrats? Please link that one, I would like to see it. In the mean time, please do not make the mistake that anyone who has a political affiliation are always in lockstep. And that the actions of one does not equate to the actions of the mass. Thanks.

How many Liberals do you personally know? And what percentage of them are sexist and racist?

my younger friends are all Democrats, and any time I debate with them, they never make any logical sense to me. Basically I mean my age, or 3-4 years older. When I talk with most of my friends that are 20-30 years older than me, they’re mainly Conservative, and constantly talk to me about how Chicago and its suburbs should be its own state within itself, because most other people within Illinois are a lot more Republican or Conservative! lmao! Why do you think that so many Liberals want so many sanctuary cities on a regular basis? Because even though there is so much corrupt and evil in them, they’re part of the one percent, that can afford to live wherever they want! and afford to pay to live wherever there kids and there great great great grandchildren want, even as liberals.

I don’t really care do U?

Keep not caring till November…deal? :sunglasses: