Democrats blocking more Nicaraguans, Cubans, Haitians at the border

WHY is this? Those people are escaping obviously oppressive regimes, they are more likely to be actual candidates for asylum than most coming in our open borders!

Could it be that since they are fleeing Socialist oppression the left here doesn’t want anyone coming here that will oppose their socialist agenda of turning this country into a socialist hole?

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The Biden administration announced new policies at the southern border on Thursday, effective immediately, that will bar more immigrants from Cuba, Haiti and Nicaragua from crossing the border to claim asylum while increasing the number of legal pathways for those migrants to apply for asylum from their home countries.

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Witness the seamless transition from “too many immigrants allowed”, to “wrong immigrants allowed”. Priceless.


It won’t happen that way. The ones they WANT to come here are the ones they are allowing to stay NOW. They want new democrat voters. Nothing else. They don’t care about these people. They just want to use them to keep power.

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Exactly what this is, the democrats only want new democrat voters coming in. No anti socialists who came from a socialist hole and know how bad it is and will not vote socialist/democrat.

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How do you know this ?

Why are they allowing all the other to stay NOW and sending the others back?

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Which ones are being allowed to stay, Mexicans ?

Most of the others, the democrats are only targeting the possible future republican voters for deportation.

Send them all away. ■■■■■■■■■ full.


If true and others are allowed to enter, then I agree - the policy should be uniform.

So to hell with the asylum laws on the books? That’s how the libs are going to deal with this?

All that no one is above the law ■■■■■■■■ is just that. Blowing smoke up the ass of the American people.

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Uh, huh…“new policies”? Why? Just enforce the ones that are already on the books! This is nothing more than bull feces to feed their sheople that they’re actually doing something when the truth is, they’re traitors…destroying our nation.

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New policies were implemented in 2018 in order to reduce illegal immigration numbers crossing the borders. Let me know all the opposition you had over it back then. Thanks.

I have NEVER waivered even a tad. I want our laws enforced, equally applied to all.

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Laws and policies are not necessarily the same thing though. You never complained and in fact i am sure i can find your posts praising the attempts.

“praising the attempts” at what? Breaking our laws…not enforcing our laws? You aren’t very free and clear this morning.

Creating new policies to stem the flow.

Mexico will pay for it for example is a policy.

Renegotiating trade agreements to ensure that Mexico follows through in stemming the flow is a policy

The laws were on the books back then too.

You are complaining because dems are in power and that’s pretty obvious.

…and Trump did his very best to enforce the laws but he was fought every second, of every hour of every day. Since he couldn’t get both sides of the aisle on board, he then instigated the building of a border wall but again…was fought…every second, of every hour…of every day. Now here’s Biden and he installs Mayorkas…who is purposefully allowing illegal aliens into this country for the purpose of destroying it from within.


You are having an argument nobody is having. It’s all arghl blarghl. He created new policies while laws were on the books.

New policies were enacted then. New policies are being enacted now. For better or worse.