Democrats are getting nuttier by the day. What is wrong with you people?

Good Lord people. Is there anything you are not willing to racialize?

The course, according to Fox, is designed for middle school teachers to make use of a toolkit for ‘dismantling racism in mathematics.’”

The Oregon Department of Education is promoting a program for teachers that seeks to “disman[tle] racism in mathematics,” **alleging that focusing on finding the right answer is a symbol of white supremacy.

The toolkit also asks instructors to “center ethnomathematics” in multiple ways, one of which is to “identify and challenge the ways that math is used to uphold capitalist, imperialist, and racist views.”

I work with Covid vaccines. And guess what folks, getting the numbers exactly right is pretty freaking important. And you want to call that white supremacy? Have you people have lost what little of your minds you had left?

Oregon Promotes Program Focused On ‘Dismantling Racism In Mathematics,” Says Finding The Right Answer A Sign Of White Supremacy | The Daily Wire


I see. 50 views and nobody has an opinion? Either all you libs believe that this idea is brilliant or you just can’t bring yourselves to oppose anything said or done by liberal lunatics.

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Well it’s called systemic racism for a reason, there’s racism in everything.

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Right? Did you see the movie “Hidden figures?” I’m thinking when they asked Katherine Johnson to compute the entry angles of the spacecraft they should have said: “It would be racist to ask for a right answer, so any answer will do.”

I worked in education including in an inner city and have known plenty of other teachers as well. The majority of black (and Latino as well) students don’t like math and science and eschew those types of majors and professions. Don’t see this as the answer.

Well yeah. I’m never going to be a professional drummer. Which is why I never tried. Go where your talent and skills lead you. Don’t complain that mathematics is racists just because you’re not good at it. That is beyond idiotic. How did Neil DeGrass Tyson do so well with all of those white supremacist numbers staring at him? This should have been impossible.

What is systemic racism?


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Holy ■■■■■

Change your thread title. In the article you linked can you point me to where the Democrats are responsible for this?

Oregon Department of Education. Use some critical thinking skills. Do you actually think you could make a believable case were this leftist State’s education department is run by Republicans?

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2 + 2 = giphy


If you see racism in mathematics, you have some serious ■■■■■■■ issues.


Last I checked, black mathematicians helped put Americans on the moon. :thinking:


A newsletter to math educators with a description of an online course about math education equity.

Here’s the course flyer.

Not mandatory. Not Democrats. The micro-course offered doesn’t even include the whole white supremacy culture the original article says it does.

Why would people reply to such obvious baiting? Especially when it’s not even true?


Why should anyone need to share their opinion on this?

Why should anyone care?

I hope this is ok to post. There might be an ad on there someplace or request to donate.


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Then you shouldn’t post in it. Disrupting your goal here?

I’m asking a question - why I, or anyone else should care about the topic of the thread.

Is that not allowed?