Democrats are afraid to answer serious questions during primary debates

Apparently once again democrats are afraid to come on FOX news to hold a primary debate, I guess they don’t want to reach out to millions of viewers and answer questions that concerns them.

Their excuse?

Stating New Yorker article of close ties between Trump and FOX news.

So they will stay within safe confines/inner circle of there propaganda networks to make sure no questions that might hurt their causes.


Smart. No need to feed the propaganda machine.


Lol - I was about to post that. I have a feeling that will be ignored by many of his supporters.

But, hey - Trump has something in common with Democrats.

This proves that democrats have no intentions of reaching out to millions of hard working Americans but instead only socialist minded people that resided in their enclaves/strongholds.

Anything that helps to marginalize Fox News is good for the country. They have caused more damage to America than Trump could ever accomplish.


How dare of FOX to discuss news and opinions that isn’t sanction by radical socialist left-winging extremist.

That’s hilarious… Reps will debate anywhere, but dems don’t want people to know what they think… bak, bak, bak…

Why would dems want the republican propaganda machine to be involved in anyway with their debates?


Honestly, those people aren’t worth the bother.


Are Fox News watchers too stupid to know how to tune to another channel?


Fox News is corrupt.

Even trump knew fox news was nothing but a propaganda machine and attacked them until they became his propaganda machine…

Talk about looking down on blue collar working people…the ones that built this country.

Those people…

Is that a rhetorical question?

People who happily tune in to be spoon fed lies by state run television eventually need to be left behind. We’ve tried to explain reality to them time and time again. We can’t make them listen. We can’t make them care that they are being lied to. And we can’t continue to dumb down the debate in the hope that we might eventually get through to them.


Thats not who is watching fox news…

Again you are projecting…

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Yep. He’s an authoritarian and bully. They must bend to his will.

Considering Fox News is easily the propaganda wing of the Trump Administration and The New Republican Party I don’t blame any sane politician for avoiding them. Might as well get pissy about Dems refusing to attend a debate hosted by InfoWars.


I’m only referring to those who watch Fox News.

I’m sure there are many hard working blue collar workers who get their news from other channels, newspapers, etc.

Democrats need to get their voters to the polls and forget about those voters who have gone down the rabbit hole. It’s a massive waste of time - akin to trying to convince the Trumplicans on this board of anything.

i hope when the dems retake teh white house in 2020 fox isnt issued any press passes