Democrats...appealing to the middle class will not defeat Trump. Start doing things for the middle class now. The middle is drowning out there and all they can do is appeal?

However, that hasn’t stopped him from signaling to his party’s leadership that it’s time to start appealing to middle-class voters if they want a chance of defeating President Donald Trump in the next election.

This in my opinion is what’s wrong with the democrat party. Time to start appealing to the middle class? Seriously? Appeal this!
When are they going to start DOING something for the middle class?

Appealing to the middle class? ■■■■ you!


They should have been “appealing to the middle class” for decades. In 2016. Its just a phrase they make with their mouths. If they had run Bernie instead of appealing to Hillary class we might not have trump

It’s the whole reason we have Trump. Dems want the middles vote…but do nothing to help the middle. Hillary was worse then any of them. It’s why she lost.

Yep. Trump appealed to the working class in the midwest. Just like Bernie. Sirens should have gone off in Clinton camp after Michigan primary

It didn’t matter what we midwestern rabble thought. She had already coronated herself and cared less about the middle class. She had the costal elites wrapped up.

It’s hard to do much for the middle class when you haven’t really had control of the reigns in many years. The one time they did, for a brief period after Obama’s election, they made several attempts to pass big ticket items that they legitimately thought would help. I think we all remember how that went.

I think it’s a problem of both messaging and authenticity. Many of the leaders in the Democratic party don’t know how to talk to middle class voters. And when they try to, they come off as fake because they are millionaires who have been in politics for decades and either forgotten, or never known, what it is to struggle. That is why I believe the party needs to embrace a new, younger generation of leadership.

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That’s why I can’t believe they are loading up on Pelosi and Schumer. They are really two of the worst leaders possible.

I wouldn’t say Pelosi is a bad leader. She has been a fierce fighter for the party for many years. But when you are a party trying to appeal to younger voters you need to have fresh ideas and people who actually inspire some hope for the future. You simply don’t get that when the majority of your leadership are in their mid to late 70s and already been in the trenches for decades.

Obama care was supposed to help the middle class.

That’s what I mean. A good leader knows when to roll with the changing tides. Neither will. That’s what makes them poor leaders.

We see how that works. It’s become more of a drag on the middle class than a help.

That is a debate. I think if it remained in place and congress was really interested in helping it could have been fixed to be a help.

The fact remains it was something very tangible designed to help the middle class.

I don’t think it’s debatable to say that Obamacare isn’t an improvement on what came before it.

The marketplaces were working. Had the mandate been kept and more people were getting into them, it could have worked much better.

It needed tweaking but a sociopath bent on blindly undoing all with Obama’s name on it was not the answer.


If it had been funded fully per the framework and necessary provisions not gutted, Healthcare would look a lot differently today.


cant wait to see who thinks they can beat trump

Trump beats Trump… Dems just need to kneel the ball to win.

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Republicans have been gutting Unions (the one vehicle which brought millions and millions of families into the middle class) for the last 40.

Nancy is going to run rings around Donald. He has no idea what is about to hit him.

And I can only laught when Republicans talk about oldies running the D party when they’ve got a 72 yr old senile white guy in the WH and a 76 yr old white guy as their leader in the Senate. Talk about out of touch leaders.

The last D President elected a youthful 47 yr old and a minority.


Pretty much anyone they put up except Hillary Clinton will beat Trump in 2020. He only won by less than 80,000 votes across three states, which he committed multiple felonies to assist him steal those states. And all three states were rolled in the Blue wave last month.

Unless President Trump expands on his minority base, he is toast. And it looks unlikely he will even try to grow the tent. He isn’t smart enough to know how, or disciplined enough to follow through even if he were.

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And then tried to elect an old out of touch white grandma…do what’s your point?