Democrats and their political establishment has throwing Bernie Bros under the bus

Why would you guys want to be in a party that doesn’t want you? That you should vote for those rich elitist snobs and shut up.

Seems to me I wouldn’t want to associate with those that don’t want me.

I don’t think that any “Bernie Bro” posts here.

So… I don’t see the point.

Bernie is only a Democrat once every 4 years so meh :man_shrugging:


It’s clear Bernie Bros aren’t wanted in democrat party…oh they want your vote but they don’t want YOU!!!

Who exactly are these “Bernie Bros” that you direct your OP towards?

I’m a Bernie supporter, and I don’t feel thrown under the bus. This is how elections work - sometimes you win, and sometimes you lose.

What is a “Bernie Bro”, exactly?

I don’t think I’ve ever met one. They remind me of Clinton’s PUMAs, back in '08.

Projection is a helluva thing.


It just seems why reward those that won’t want you? Entire political establishment teamed against your kin.

And you’re going to reward em?

Clinton isn’t stumbling out of the bus this time … history never repeats…

He simply doesn’t have majority support.

It’s pretty clear Bernie and his kin aren’t wanted…

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Is this your first primary? :rofl:


Who knew that cons wouldn’t celebrate that

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Yes, that is very clear.

Hopefully there will be third party that wants to represent them…God know they aren’t welcome n democrat party.

Your premise appear to pre-suppose that your target doesn’t understand how elections work.


The Bernie Bro Party?

I’m sure you totally care

Me too, I don’t get it. Biden gets more votes, he wins. Not sure how this is my party rejecting me?

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Talk about crawling back to your abusers.