Democrats and Reporters, No Soup For You

Typically for a state dinner invites go out to all of the congressional leadership and selected members of the media. So for the first Trump state dinner tonight they threw out tradition. No journalists will attend. And only one Democrat has been invited, John Bel Edwards, the governor of Louisiana.

State affairs in the past have been very bi-partizan. A chance for all to get together and celebrate the visit of a world dignitary. It appears that Mr. and Mrs. Trump will suspend tradition tonight.

the next day, the guests would publish lies about their gracious host.
Trump is a practical man. Why bother.

Does change offend or scare you? Trump is not the old sherriff. He’s the new sherriff in town.

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Nothing says free and open democracy more then shutting out your political opponents and the press.
I will bet you dollars to dog nuts that the French press will pick up on this and not be kind.
Show me where any guests at past state dinners have published lies about the affair. If Trump wants to avoid conflict then he is doing it in a gutless cowardly way. He continues to embarrass our country.

This is odd. You’d think a media-obsessed President would at least include “friendly” press.

This presidency needs more echo.

Seriously this guy is nothing but a petulant child. It’s actually kinda fun to watch. By the time my kids were five I just learned to laugh at them when they threw a hissy fit. Much like I do with Trump.

The Deep State will be in attendance, despite Donald’s flaccid efforts to prevent it.

Have you not been reading the newspapers, and watching TV and cable news? There is nothing bi-partisan about the news media or their journalists. Their coverage of all things related to Trump has been openly hostile, with something like 95% negative.

what hyperbole!

it’s a freaking dinner. But to YOU LIBS… HE IS SHUTTING DOWN THE PRESS AND OPPONENTS. Ahhhhhhh… grab your tinfoil hats !!!

It’s a freaking dinner and he wants people to enjoy themselves. Libs will just poop in the punchbowl to embarrass Trump.

Have your own dinners.

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Would you agree that Trump is obsessed with the media?

the media is obsessed with him.

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Without the hate-Trump press there, we won’t see more headlines, displaying riveting and appropriate journalism like Trump wipes dandruff off visiting French President Macron….

What will we do as a Republic now?.. all is lost.

Trump and his cult following are always the victim.

does not matter how you spin it… You people arnt invited to the dinner.


Trump isn’t cool. Trump is a *****.

True. But not allowing even “friendly” press is out of character for Trump. You’d think he’d appreciate a glowing account of his first state dinner. I guess we’ll just have to get the details from Sarah Sanders.

that’s a good point. Rush and Fox and everybody never spoke of Obama.

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That’s exactly what his supporters wanted.

remember how they lied about Trump killing the Koi by overfeeding while Abe expressed total disgust and horror?

only to find out that Abe dumped his box of koi food in first.

what liars they are!

One can explain Democrats and Fake News peddlers in 30 seconds:
Each time they lose an argument they create a new lie.
Lose…lie, loose…lie, …lose lie.
And so it goes until some day their supporters grow a brain and toss them to the curb.
May take a while since there is a lot of truth in Mr. Gruber’s tell-all about the voters in America.

Always entertaining to watch Trump supporters rail about the press lying and not say a peep about all of Trump’s lies.