Democratic Unity Pledge

Seems simple enough:

Whether everyone signs, or continues to abide by it, remains to be seen. But a case can be made that fractures within the party cost Hillary the election. A united front in 2020 would seem to be essential to beating Trump. If all he has left is his base at 30+%, he’s sunk, and every con on here knows it.

are “liberal activists” the face of the party then?

I await Bernie saying someone is unqualified to be president again.

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What does it matter where a good idea originates?

Classic ad hominem.

Alrighty then…united in hating baaaaaa, baaaaaaa, baaaaaaad Trump. :sunglasses:

United in beating the ■■■■ out of fat donald in 2020.

You consistently bleat this line, that people who dislike Trump only do so because they are told.

I’ve watched hours of video of the soulless clod. It wasn’t a tough call.

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That’s collusion and that’s baaaaa, baaaaa, baaaaad too. :sunglasses:

my goodness. how do you see that as an attack at you?

it was a sincere question

This is how ■■■■ gets done.

Those “hours of video” were more than likely…the sheople food. :sunglasses:

You attacked the person (“liberal activists”) instead of the idea.

But OK, you weren’t sneering. I think it’s a savvy idea. I think criminal justice reform from Donald Trump was a good thing. I’ll vote against him in 2020, but that was a win.

um… “liberal activists” are the first two words in the article in your OP!

Raw, spinless footage. Turn the camera on him, shut up and watch the ■■■■ show. As I said, it was never a tough call.


So what do you think of the idea?

The primary will be just as nasty as every other imo

The conversation probably went something like this…

"Look, the republicans put as vile a human in the White House as can be imagined. Republican media then taught Trump voters to embrace that vileness and make it a badge of honor. To act like it’s a good thing to be that nasty.

We need to reverse course because that’s not what America is about. Let’s get him out of the White House and put at least a little sanity back in to lead the people. America’s deserves better."

Judging by the fact that we elected trump I’m not sure we do.

why sigh? it’s your own OP


i think it’s desperate. the last thing these “liberal activists” are is civil. This “indivisible” group thinks they can keep these candidates genteel.


Any decent con man can con people for year or 2. Trump’s gotta keep this up for 4-8. It wont work.