Democratic Rep. Pramila Jayapal threaten terrorist backlash

Your news sources.

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Lets compare Jayapal’s comment about "backlash…

To Trumps speech… TELLING people to go down and STOP a goververment proceeding, shall we?

Apparently the hannity forum won’t let me paste the full Trump speech from January 6, 2021, and I can’t post a link either here on HannityForum…

I would hope that many here know how to find it and KNOW how to read and be HONEST…

Jayyapal did not EVER call for what we ALL saw on January 6!

She said “backlash”…That would/could mean peaceful protests/letters/etc.

She never TOLD folks to MARCH on the Capitol, Damage property, assault/kill police officers, threathen a VP!

Now…if hundreds of thousands decend anywhere…INCLUDING the Capitol?

You can have your “beef”.!

If that doesn’t ever happen?

Own your side’s ■■■■■ And please, please, PLEASE stop your ■■■■■■■■■

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And there it is. The killing of police officers on J6.
Never happened. Do your homework before inserting foot into mouth.
Jayapal belongs in the DC jail along with other accused insurrectionists. Oh wait, the justice system is blind right?


Well I suppose one out of four is good. Because he never said the other three.


Just goes to show even though a narrative has been proven false, some people just can’t accept the actual truth.


…and so…once again…this…is different. :sunglasses: :tumbler_glass:

Lol funny thread.

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Hilarious that Trump supporters have the gall to get all indignant over the Congresswoman’s- comment.

I know…rite? It’s no worse than Schumer’s or Watters’s calls for violence.

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They (c) just make it up as they go.

Unless they are regurgitating left wing news. :sheep: :sheep: :sheep:

A certain truck blockade was in the streets.

Tea party was in the streets

Both Backlash!!! :joy:

You just love your first amendment. Until you don’t.

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I get my news from you.

Congress at debt ceiling time is like a bar full of drunks swearing the next round on the house will be the last round on the house … some will threaten violence if there’s even a hint the free booze may stop coming.