Democratic debate tonight

Noticed there was a democratic debate tonight, how goes it? Who is winning. I unfortunately am not watching as I introduced my fiancé to “The Witcher” and she is binge watching it with me.

Boring all white people except for one American Indian, and they are all ganging up on the gay dude. I expect another drop in viewer ratings as they plummet.

All of the networks not carrying it.

“Fake Indian”.

Looks like the big winner is anyone who didn’t watch it.


Witcher was more interesting and even that i didn’t like how it was structured, which is the common complaint.

Warren is winning the debate? No one is winning the debate? Debate is boring and i’m watching. None of this matters until they’re next to Trump.

I would think the Mid East withdrawal plans presented tonight would appeal to most cons and trump supporters here.

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did biden mention how he likes to bounce kids on his lap again?

You forgot, “while playing with my leg hair and giggling”.


oh crap i did!

Ya I have to admit I was disappointed as I played the games and even read the books as I got the box set of books a few years ago. The main character is good enough I really enjoyed 3 of the eight episodes.

I don’t like the Netflix all at once dump of all the episodes on this show since the Witcher more or less follows a monster of the week pattern. They should have rolled them out once a week imho. Also I really wish they were more than 8 episodes it seems like it needs at least 12. They are having to cut a lot of the story out.

Just remember, NONE of these people will ever be president.

Some of them and some of their followers, want to see violence.

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She’s a liberal. If she feels like an Indian, who are you to say that she’s not. Besides the rest of them are phonies too, so you shouldn’t be so judgmental about Pocahontas.


Do those here in Hannity Land on the left side of the aisle…feel as though your party has abandoned you? I ask because I’ve listened to your discussions here for years and for the most part, our discussions appear to be more closely aligned than I believe you are with these candidates?

No, they just all said “gay butt gag” all night and giggled.

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Morals! We need morals!
Golfing? Waste of tax payer money!
Campaigning? Shouldn’t the president be leading?
President said ass? OMG! Impeach!
Deficits! Think of our children!

I actually watched the “debate” for about 10 minutes…

These people are all socialists who believe far more in the power of big government controlling every aspect of our lives than anything else. They are hard leftists…every damn one of them.

None of them has anything to offer worth giving them legitimate consideration at that ballot box.

haha… good one.

As a matter of interest which 10 minutes of the debate did you watch?

i prefer “Lie-a-watha”