Democrat Strategy 2020

They need to get out of the race / gender arguments. Not enough people care on an emotional enough level - and it will rile up those on the right (most) who arent racist. Yes, first woman this and that is great. But that can’t be the basis for the campaigns.

They also cant run against Trump’s personality/ divisiveness. It’s just not going to work.

To win 2020 they need to focus on single payer health care, higher education, and taxes on the rich. Basically, Sanders 2016 platform. It’s all about TURNOUT. And turnout happens when people are hopeful for big paradigm changing platforms. That’s why Trump won and Hillary lost. The idea of moving towards the center for the general, may no longer be true. We are in an age of populism, where the biggest and boldest ideas win - not those who focus on race, personality, and gender.