Originally published at: DEMOCRAT SENATOR: US ‘Political Climate’ Similar to RWANDAN GENOCIDE | Sean Hannity

Florida Sen. Bill Nelson weighed-in on the string of political attacks that have rocked the United States in recent weeks; bizarrely suggesting the political climate in the country was similar to that of the Rwandan Genocide.

Nelson -who faces a tough re-election battle against outgoing Governor Rick Scott- made the comments while speaking at a Florida Church Sunday night; saying American politics has become increasingly “tribal.”

“When a place gets so tribal that the two tribes won’t have anything to do with each other … that jealousy turns into hate,” Nelson said. “And we saw what happened to the Hutus and the Tutsis in Rwanda, it turned into a genocide. A million-people hacked to death within a few months. And we have got to watch what’s happening here.”

The Rwandan Genocide is widely regarded as one of the worst mass atrocities in world history; with an estimated 800,000 civilians viciously murdered in 1994.

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I bet he doesn’t realize he’s part of the problem.

In some ways, we are lucky that Trump won because his supporters would have gone on a rampage.

Shoot, Trump did win and they still felt the need to go on a rampage.

I think that if the Democrats win the mid-terms more things like Steve Scalise shooting will take place.

If they lose, we might see more Patrick Steins.