DEMOCRAT POLL: Biden on Top, Key Issues ‘Single Payer Healthcare’ and ‘Repeal 2nd Amendment’

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A stunning survey published by TargetPoint this week shed new light on the current state of the Democratic Party, with data showing former Vice President Joe Biden leading the field of potential 2020 nominees.

According to the poll, Biden leads the list of Democratic contenders with 29% of the vote followed by Bernie Sanders with 20% and Hillary Clinton with just 8%.

The survey also reveals the policy platforms most important to Democratic voters.

When asked which “of the following issues is MOST important to you,” left-leaning Americans said ‘Single Payer Healthcare’ with 37%, ‘Repealing the 2nd Amendment’ with 24%, and “Increasing funds to planned parenthood’ with 14%.

The sample size for the survey was 1,431 likely Democrats residing in Nevada, Iowa, New Hampshire, and South Carolina.

Read the full report here.

So we know where the democrat party stand.

Socialized healthcare
Repealing second Amendment
Tax payers abortions.

Does that abut sums it up?