Democrat Party Backed Open Border Rallies Nationwide Today

The democratic party is getting more & more insane every day…Now they demand no border, just completely open for all who want to come!

I bet a billion people from India would love to show up, maybe as many from China, & 3 billion more from all over the world. But hey, we can handle that, right? I mean we have plenty money to house, feed, & maintain them all, & plenty jobs for unskilled workers, right?

Oh, & don’t forget, we have enough totally repaired infrastructure, plus we can give them all free university, healthcare, & mass transit!

Free everything! Guaranteed jobs for all, & utopia is here!

We can just lay off all the Border Patrol agents, or perhaps just make them regular police (we will NEED them).

It’s going to be great!

That’s not what happened at all, but keep scaring yourself and getting worked into hysteria.

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Oh, I’m not scared, I’m laughing at them! :laughing:

So you are saying they don’t want open borders? Bwahahahaha!

Admittedly a number of Democrats are taking a “cut down on enforcement” position, which I think fair to call support for open borders or at least more open. I also think it is great for them to be pushing this just before the 2018 election. As to the Democratic party openly supporting open borders, I would like to see the link.


If you don’t want to have enforcement of the border laws, & don’t want to detain anyone, that is the basic result.

Someone was calling for getting rid of the Border Patrol?

The OP is a lie.

Bald faced and ugly lie.

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OP entertains himself by believing his own lies?

Cool gig.

I don’t watch any liberal media but there have video clips all over Fox News and social media with elected Dem politicians and Dems running for office saying they want to abolish ICE. You don’t have to ask for a link just google it yourself and plenty of material should come up for you.

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Its what they’re going with. They’ve been given their marching orders. We both know truth doesn’t matter to them.

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Libs and Dems call it “immigration reform” when its really just amnesty! We have immigration laws that are finally being enforced by the Trump Administration and libs and Dems are literally soiling their pants over it!!

we are on to you.

They are saying abolish ICE and replace it with something congress can agree to that would function better.
Some Dems have made the argument that before 2003 the INS (under the DOJ) functioned much better then ICE is doing today. Trump and his supporters are spreading the open border lie.

No they are not. Dems have supported every sensible border security bill. They have worked with Republicans on ideas for better border security. Specifically they want to see what technology’s might assist.

sanctuary states and sanctuary cities?
what’s the difference between those and open borders?

Since there will never be open borders I believe your question is moot.

I don’t believe that, and ICE doesn’t patrol the border.

“Open border” rallies? where?

Open borders don’t exist in this country.