Democrat nomination, whose going to win it - most likely to least likey?

Here’s how I have it so far:

  1. Bernie
  2. Klobuchar
  3. Buttegeig
  4. Unknown
  5. Warren
  6. Bloomberg
  7. Biden
  8. Steyer

Much more confident on my 5-8 not having a chance than who will actually win. What say you?

I would go with the betting odds right now, will have to see how Bloomberg does on the debate stage he could hit a home run or completely strike out, he will definitely be one of the major targets for the others. I just saw were Sanders and Bloomberg where tied in Virginia, Biden was winning this state over 20 points a few weeks ago I have never seen a campaign crumble so fast.

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They gave ButtGag a Kid Sniffer’s chance at the White House!!!

:rofl: :rofl:

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ooh boy youre gonna git it

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Not sure, but they should let booker and harris back on the stage for the debate so they can ask bloomberg about his racist comments.

Otherwise they obviously don’t care about his racist comments.

They have Bloomberg in second? Personally I just can’t see the Democrat primary voters going for a NY Billionaire. Am I missing something?

A lot of Democrats probably think he has the best chance to beat Trump.

It’s starting to look that way. Democrats are scared of Bernie (I am a little bit as well). They are also scared of Pete (his sexuality).

Who does that leave? Bloomberg…I don’t agree but it’s starting to look that way.

I was thinking Bloomberg would do as Guiliani when he tried, maybe I’m wrong.

1, Bernie.

2, Brokered

  1. outside chance for Klobuchar

The rest don’t matter.

Klobuchar is 2nd on my list, so you and I are pretty close.

Klobochar will need to finish in the top 3 in Nevada to remain relevant. A lot of the smaller campaigns like hers had to do good in the first two states to get traction as they have no ground game past New Hampshire.

She has an outside chance, and oddly enough would likely be the toughest opponent.

To get there, she has to place 1 or 2 in SC. 2 will make it tough but doable. 1 I think gives her even odds with Bernie.

imo NV only matters for Bernie. He needs to win bigger there than IA or NH to cement himself in as the front runner. 2nd and 3rd matter less but are more important to Buttigieg and Biden. Poor showings by them will send their campaigns into the final tailspin to crash and burn in SC.