Democrat MELTDOWN Over Supreme Court Gets WORSE, Pelosi Entertains Impeachment As Way To Stop Trump

Pelosi is the Green Arrow. :rofl:

So 4 more months then

nah, he goes after criminals, she supports them

They should absolutely Impeach Trump again. On the charge of fulfilling his constitutional duty. I would love to see it.

In the mean time, the Senate would be free to confirm the new justice. Pelosi is powerless in the Senate.

she will definitely with hold the articles of impeachment from them to force them to comply!

If they bring articles of impeachment to the senate, they have to have a trial.

The democrats can play games, just like the republicans.



It would be interesting to see someone do a man on the street asking random voters who Merrick Garland is. Heck even Mitch Mc Connell for that matter.

This is likely the coming scenario: image

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