Democrat MELTDOWN Over Supreme Court Gets WORSE, Pelosi Entertains Impeachment As Way To Stop Trump

Donald Trump won in 2016 with 62,984,828 votes. Obama won in 2012 with 65,915,795 votes. IF Dems turnout in 2020 like they did 2012 they win, if they turnout like they did in 2016 they lose.

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The democrat agenda got smacked down just as they thought they had momentum.

Their train is still full speed ahead but they don’t care that the tracks end in a few miles.

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My concern is not so much what independents think. At this point, I don’t quite understand the independent mind, where you can’t decide between Trump or Biden. My concern is that this issue could gin up enthusiasm for Democrats to vote that maybe Biden couldn’t do on his own.
Pretty sure Trump supporters are already motivated.

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Pretty sure he spent 8 years doing just that under Obama. I imagine he got tired of doing that though.

I wish we still had the old board to show the tremendous flip flop that has happened.

It’s kind of funny - I pretty much carried water for the Republican Party from the time I joined the board in 2006 until 2016. They’ve completely forgotten about that though, because I’m independent now. Now, if you don’t kiss Trump’s ring, they just call you a “lib” no matter what your ideology is. I just laugh it off though, as we’ll soon be rid of Trump. Hopefully Trump will be voted out this year, and the GOP will shed Trumpism as a result. If they don’t shed that crap, they’re going to have a hard time winning anything nationally as a party going forward.


The two aren’t by default linked.

It’s not a good option and many political scholars warned after the last impeachment based on obstruction of justice it has opened impeachment up to be used as a political weapon.

With JoeBiden/Harris anti cop anti border team leading the charge for the democrats this time around i dont see they will prefer that well compared to 2012 when the GOP had Romney.

Hopefully not. Biden/Harris are worse then Trump. The fact that Harris could replace Biden in one year? its even more alarming. There is a majority that supports Trump as it were 2016.

I am sorry for asking but whom were you planning to for you again? surely you werent planning for the neocon Jeb Bush? You can hate Trump but he did let the GOP win in 2016 agaisnt Hillary.

The fact that Biden is still supporting the agenda to relocating funding from police among other socialist agendas i dont see any sane person going with Biden.

You do know the democrats are openly supporting BLM right? remember the first night at the dnc convention?

I am saying that Trump is better no, but no way that Biden is better or good or will better then Trump. The fact that his letting AOC and other socialist types letting their agendas flow is dangerous.

Jeb Bush would have lost to Hillary without even trying to her. Because of his Brother’s war in Iraq.

Sure. Because the impeachment of Clinton was in no shape or form political. Who was behind that one?

Once again illustrating that something is perfectly ok unless the other side does it, then suddenly it’s the end of the USA/world/universe as we know it. This ■■■■ gets old after awhile.

And if certain people lived by that ‘Personal Responsibility’ mantra that used to be the war cry during the Obama years, we wouldn’t be where we are now because this charlatan who has none wouldn’t be in office. But instead, once again, the buck always stops over there somewhere and this President is never responsible. For anything.

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sounds to me like an assassination threat.

Well this was just silly…

It was her “turn”. She was entitled to it. :rofl:

pelosi is talking about shooting arrows at the president. should we take this violent rhetoric seriously?

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What was that thing about a bullseye that got libs in an uproar over? :rofl:

Now Nancy has arrows :wink:


is violent rhetoric now okay? or does it foment violence?

Eat your peas, lib. We’re riding the Trump Train to end of the tracks and beyond.