DEMOCRAT DISASTER: McConnell to Call Full Senate Vote on the ‘Green New Deal’ | Sean Hannity

Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell announced Tuesday night his plan to call a full Senate vote on the Democrats’ recently unveiled ‘Green New Deal,’ demanding liberal lawmakers go “on the record” regarding the massive government expansion project.

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The sooner, the better. Stop trying to hide behind the curtains and let everyone see exactly where each Senator and Representative stands.

This is a brilliant move by Mc Connell. And despite the whining from Sen Schumer( whats he going to do now? Sue Mc Connell to prevent a floor vote in the Full Senate?) completely within the purview of the Senate Majority Leader. . Schumer is having his usual “I can’t call the shots, so I am going to call the media so I can complain about everything I think I deserve”.
And of course, he is missing the boat on the powers granted to the POTUS in the US Constitution. Schumer doesn’t see it that way. He runs to find the nearest TV camera and starts screeching about “Co- Equal branches of government”. Funny…When Obama was running around scribbling his name on one executive order after another, I never heard Chuck U Schumer or Nancy Pelosi say a word about "Co-Equal branches of government …Simple publicity stunt. Schumer is all blather and not much else