Democrat Ben McAdams Defeats Republican Mia Love In Utah House Race

She should have professed her love for all things trump. See what happens when you don’t?

“Mia Love gave me no love. And she lost, too bad.” - The three year old in the White House.


Utah sure is full of surprises this election :wink:

Mia Love lost because she joined our Washington Swamp Creature’s attack on Trump. She had the nerve to suggest President Trump needs to apologize for daring to indicate Haiti is a XXXX-hole country.

The fact is, Mia Love’s own parents would agree that Haiti is a XXXX-hole country. SEE Becoming American: The story of Mia Love’s Haitian parents

"In 1957, a young man named François Duvalier emerged to lead a black movement, rallying black nationalists and voodoo practitioners, that would give him total control of Haiti.

Trained as a physician — including a stint in the United States — and nicknamed “Papa Doc,” Duvalier quickly became one of the world’s most reviled dictators, setting a course that would drive hundreds of thousands to flee Haiti.

Bourdeau and his family would be among them.

When he was 20, Bourdeau’s family sent him from the family’s plantation in Jérémie to Port-au-Prince to avoid arrest, or worse, at the hands of Papa Doc’s personal security force, the Tonton Macoutes. The name derived from an old Haitian tale about a bogeyman who hunts down bad children and kidnaps them in a bag."

Does the above not confirm Mia’s own dad, Maxime Bourdeau, was living in a XXXX-hole country and fled?

The only thing that troubles me now is, Mia Love, who jumped on the never-Trump-Train a long time ago and parted ways with those who elected her, and indicated she would vote for Hillary, has suddenly forgotten her family’s past history and the fact her parents fled a $#@!-hole country.

Mia Love ought to be ashamed of herself for denying Haiti isa XXXX-hole country, and for joining our Washington Swamp Creatures and its Fifth Column news media, and she should be the one apologizing to President Trump, who allegedly told it like it is, and without using political correct watered down crap.


Bye Bye Love

Good freaken riddance! She has shamed her own parents!


Obviously you don’t know the history of the Utah District she represented, nor the history of McAdams. She could have praised trump all she wanted and the results would be the same.

It’s because of how she got elected that Utah’s 4th voter referendum was on the ballot and passed.

Actually there were several suprises. I don’t consider this to be one of them.

Wishfull thinking john. If you know anything of the history of the district she represented you’d know why she lost. If you knew anything about her opponent, you’d know why she lost.

The only thing important to me is Mia Love was/is a two faced individual and she conned freedom loving Americans.


Important to you. But not the reason she lost the district. Not even a factor in why she lost.

She had an advantage with Republican voters outnumbering Democrats three-to-one, but she did not stand for the Republican agenda. On the other hand, McAdams passed himself off as a moderate, and not a typical Democrat. The bottom line is, no one, knows why voters actually voted the way the did. And I don’t care. She was a two faced con artist and I’m glad she lost. I don’t like stealth democrats in the Republican Party.


Thats why I ask questions if I dont know the answer.

its really good we have a Ute on the board to give us the local scoop.


and now instead we have another out in the open Democrat to vote against Trump.


No in the district she is in. R’s MIGHT hold a sligt numbers advantage. But a lot of republicans like McAdams for what he did as Mayor of Salt Lake.

They got that idea from his record as Mayor of Salt Lake County. Salt lake County makes up the majority of the congressional district.

Yes she did upset a lot of republicans her first year in office by not voting the way the “money” people (aka those who funded her campaign) expected her to vote.

Were you surprised that medical marijuana passed? I know I was shocked

No I figured that one would pass. One that supprised me was the redistricting only squeeking by, and allowing the legislature to call themselves into session.