Democrat 2020 Anxiety

Here are a couple of good articles about Democrat apprehension for the 2020 Presidential election.

In short:
Biden is proving to be a doddering old dud who’s donations are drying up.

Warren looks good for the primaries, but is too liberal for the General Election- she’ll be another George McGovern. She has fallen into the Medicare for All trap and can’t get out of it. Medicare for All will cost her millions of Union votes. She is now refusing to discuss it or answer questions about it.

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I don’t think democrats can win with medicare for all as their platform.


I don’t either.
Warren has been so adamant about it, it’ll be hard for her to back away from it.

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And Republicans are happy go lucky about 2020?

Are they?

Deliriously happy…

I completely agree. This is going to be a non-starter for millions of Americans.

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Nope. That is why Trump is getting so many donations.

Trump can be counted on to spend these funds wisely.


The 2020 presidential election as it is looking thus far:

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A lot of people People also had anxeity about Nancy becoming speaker of the house in 2018.

Impeach the ■■■■■■■■■■■■■


You got you wish.

The Secret Society of Imperial Impeachers is crafting an epic connect the dots that should be ready by October 2020.

Quidly Quo Bono.


Just say it


And when trump is impeached and the secret society aka the house votes to impeach, will the senate trial be held in secret too.


We won’t need to, any day now Donny is going to deliver on his promise of TrumpCare that is bigger, better, and cheaper than anything we have now and it will cover everyone!

Be excited! Be very excited!

Trump says he will roll out new health care plan in next couple of months

BY REBECCA KLAR - 06/16/19 08:41 PM EDT

“We’re going to produce phenomenal health care, and we already have the concept of the plan,” Trump told ABC News in an interview aired Sunday night.

Trump says he will roll out new health care plan in next couple of months | TheHill

Ooh I am all atwitter!

Trump: Republicans will be 'the party of health care’

By REBECCA MORIN 03/26/2019 01:49 PM EDT

“Let me tell you exactly what my message is: The Republican party will soon be known as the party of health care," the president told reporters on Capitol Hill ahead of his meeting with Senate Republicans. “You watch.”

Trump: Republicans will be 'the party of health care' - POLITICO


Simply, wow!


There’s a RED under my bed?

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Pelosi made her decision.

Time to deal with it.



That isn’t what House Republicans are thinking! They be worried about the Democratic Presidential Candidates health care talk!

House Republicans release plan in bid to fulfill Trump promise as 'party of health care’

Published 16 hours ago

The Republican Study Committee released a healthcare plan Tuesday to replace the Affordable Care Act, also known as ObamaCare, two years after the GOP was unable to agree on a health care plan during the first year of President Trump’s administration.

The plan also represents an effort to compete with Democrats’ messaging on “Medicare-for-All” and other health care plans as the 2020 Democratic primary campaign hits its stride.

House Republicans release plan in bid to fulfill Trump promise as 'party of health care' | Fox News

It seems some of the Democratic Candidates with their ‘Medicare-For-All” talk has the Republicans worried! It seems the lazy assed Republicans are finally trying to do something positive on health care, since they must know Obese Donald has no real intent to deliver on his promises. Nice to see them actually thinking about the people and putting forth ideas to help them rather than just mindlessly voting more than 70 times to take options away from people.

Americans don’t deserve Medicare for All or any decent healthcare system.

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I don’t see your point with the Bonnen story. It has nothing to do with national politics.

House Speaker Bonnen was recorded on tape plotting primary defeats of moderate Republicans in the Texas House.