Democats Call to violence

Seems to me a democrat Michigan State Rep is calling for violence against Trump people. Telling her soldiers to make us pay.

Seems to me a bunch of soldiers should go to here home don’t you think?

Trump supporters know what to do and do it right.

Um…this is her response to the death threats she got from Trump supporters after the Michigan “hearing”.

She has the voicemails up on her Facebook page to prove it.

Unless of course she faked them because she’s an Evuhl Lib, dontcha know.

Because Trump supporters wouldn’t hurt a fly. Not like any of them camped outside government officials’ houses in Michigan and Georgia…in armed groups. Nah…that didn’t happen.

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I just can’t take any woman with that hair cut serious. It just screams lesbian pride, which I don’t have an issue with but I can’t take her threat seriously.

Yeah but that’s not cool to clap back like that.

What do soldiers have to do with that? Is she talking about actual soldiers?

Make who pay?

Is she addressing all “Trumpers”?

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You are correct. But I’ve been here a long time, and the smell of rightwing fear-urine in response to imaginary slights and “felt” threats is always about waist high. You must handle American conservatives with padded gloves and soft, soothing, accommodating voices, as you would a small child or an alcoholic father.


Yep…gotta just take it…

This isn’t first time she has threaten Trump supporters.

Oh well that makes the death threats just cool then.

Thanks for clarifying.

Words are violence.

Are you going to progsplain or just ignore my questions? I need answers!

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Crawfishing already?

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I didn’t know there were Democratic soldiers

Do you know how black people hair work? This looks like natural hair(except the color).

What was THAT?

Seriously what was the point of that statement?

If you don’t know that, maybe get out more. Expand your group of friends. Do some research. Read some books.

Who started it? Not that it really matters. That is not an appropriate response even if she has had some threats against her.




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Escalation is OK then.

Just so everyone knows the “rules.”


Good catch on those key words.