Demcrats are taking 1st steps to remove Omar

It explains why he doesn’t post links. :grin:

I didn’t have too much of a brain fart, did I? :slight_smile:

Sure, OK. Did you bother to read your own link. There’s nothing in there that says anything about a ‘‘special election’’.

We see now why you don’t post links.

on my wife’s phone it said it, cant help they don’t say it here, maybe, I’ll find it, anyways, STILL, doesn’t CHANGE the FACT, the Democrats in Minn. want her gone…FACT :slight_smile:

Yes, you had a total brain fart. There’s nothing about a ‘‘special election’’.

Still waiting for the link that says ‘‘special election’’

The fact is, the Democrats in Minn state senate want her gone, lets not lose sight of the original Topic, The Democrats are taking the 1st steps to remove Omar., lol, I need a link saying “Special” or I cant believe it,lol

At least you can admit wrong i guess? There miight be hope.

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Can you show us a single member of the Minnesota State Senate that has gone on record saying she should be primaried?

Neither of your links support your claim.

So you just repeat random crap that comes over the phone with no idea of whether it’s true or not or where you can recall the information. That’s good to know.

Now we see why you don’t post links. :rofl:

You just get random ‘‘ghost’’ info from where ever, then regurgitate it as fact without really knowing where it came form.

That really good to know.


So it would seem.

No, I’m going to start looking into stuff better when my wife say’s, Something like, OMG, the senate in minn are calling for a special election to remove Omar ,lol
yup, a lot of wishful thinking went along with it too, I cant help it, I cant stand that racist bigot? :slight_smile:
yet, I pray for her wholeheartedly as I do for all, no matter what my personal thoughts may be on the way a person acts.

She’s not going anywhere. Nothing is going to happen to her. Dems won’t take any action against a Muslim woman. She’s untouchable.

Time will tell, people swore that Mr. Trump didn’t have a chance in hell to win, yet, here we are, Winning!

Guys, be nice. Those English-to-Russian translations can be tricky sometimes.


You should stop saying the word “fact” in any post you make.


I think I’m going to have a Poe Boy Sandwich for dinner this evening.



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The country is taking its first step in removing Trump from office with a special election in 2020.


And if they don’t succeed, it’ll be up to a Republican to unseat her.