Dem struggle over Pelosi bid, with no end game in sight

WASHINGTON (AP) — Democrats won the majority. Now they just need a speaker of the House.

The standoff over Nancy Pelosi’s bid to regain the gavel intensified Friday as Democrats left Washington for the Thanksgiving holiday, an unsettling finish to an otherwise triumphant week that saw them welcome a historic class of newcomers to Capitol Hill and prepare to take control.

Pelosi was certain that she will be speaker once more, reviving her role as the first woman to wield the gavel. But her foes were equally confident they have the votes to stop her.

As the election winds down and the recounts are shortly coming to an end or are complete, the next big struggle is coming up. Pelosi’s fight for the role of Speaker.

I know she views it as a sure thing, that this is something that just…is. If the Dems have the majority it’s just a given that is her role. However, there were many younger, newly elected congresscritters that ran stating she did not have their vote…and they won.

Do they honor their promise made to voters or do they renege and vote her in?

Gearing up for the show.


She’ll be nice, gracious and lady like about losing…“if ya don’t believe me…just watch”. :sunglasses:

Good article, thanks for the link.

There’s worse problems to have.

Incoming Rep.-elect Abigail Spanberger of Virginia said she had a “wonderful conversation” about her district’s priorities, but “will not be voting for leader Pelosi.”

From the OP link. Interesting. She’ll probably win, but it’s going to cost us.

I know that the Democrat party can screw something up that should be easy… do you think that they would screw up something that badly?

It wouldn’t surprise me these days.

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One thing for certain, being Democrats the next speaker wont be a white male. Diversity means excluding them. (Now respond the mantra: Yeah, white men sure have a hard time in this country)

"A coalition of liberal groups sounded the alarm against an overthrow being orchestrated by mostly centrist Democrats who want to prevent the San Franciscan from being the face of the party. noted her work passing the health care law and said “Dems must reject attempts to defeat her and move caucus to the right.”

It’s not lost on supporters that a group made up of mostly men is leading the effort to oust her. On the list of 17 names who’ve signed onto a letter against her, just three are women.

We shouldn’t let a small group of white, moderate men sabotage her."

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I don’t understand why she would come out as supporting Trump’s tariffs.

Which is a smart move when you have a racist misogynist in the White House.

Enough Dems will eventually come around to the realization that she’s the most effective candidate to putting a bug up Trump’s ass. This happens any time a legislative chamber changes hands.


“The United States must take strong, smart and strategic action against China’s brazenly unfair trade policies. Yet, today’s announcement is merely a start, and the Trump Administration must do much more to fight for American workers and products.

Sounds like she’s going to help him. She reiterated it 9 days ago in the press.

Pelosi will be the next Speaker, don’t get caught up in the swamp.

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:rofl: The swamp? What do you think Pelosi is?

Perhaps trying to win over the newbies who promised their constituents never Pelosi.

The ‘‘swamp’’ is R’s and cons, don’t ya know.

By siding with Trump? I thought dems won the House because everybody hates Trump?

How very sad.

A bunch of the newly elected dem representatives made a big deal in their campaigns to never vote for Pelosi for speaker. That says to me that they are not in solidly blue districts. Just surmising, but I think it’s pretty logical.

Ok, I still don’t get it.

Meaning their constituents are not so far left and might like the tariffs.

Sounds like one of those “good” problems. Could be worse, she could’ve lost the House majority.