Dem Pres. Candidate - COVID vaccine barcode

QR code on your phone is a great idea.

Me too. You definitely do not want them to vaccinate you in some way of those countries. My yellow card had contra indication on it for…? Now I forget.

Mat I suggest a simple number on the hand or forehead signifying you are following along? Perhaps 666?? :thinking: :thinking:

No, having a code on your phone is good enough

Until your phone is stolen or lost. Or better yet… is the government going to start issuing cell phones to everyone? Or make them buy a private product, like Obamacare?

How about a new “Biden phone”? Made in China and comes complete with free installed spyware!


Why is that important? People lose phones with credit card information on them. Pictures. Who cares?

Why would they do that? If you have a phone, great! If you don’t… issue a vaccination card. We all have them.

Trump is the only President who manufacturers in China.

Anywho… why would the government give a phone for a QR code?

Catastrophizing and trivializing at the same time. A difficult feat but well done.