Dem Pres. Candidate - COVID vaccine barcode

I think it’s a great idea! But it could be better. Rather than downloading it to a device that can be freely given to anyone, why not tattoo it to the person? On their forearm maybe?


Getting closer and closer isn’t it?


I’m just waiting for it at this point.


Too much like The Bar Code Tattoo.


Good book.

Or like this?

As stupid as this is, it’s no different than an app. Skin bar codes are dum. I have a problem with requiring, i think providing some kind of proof to the recipient is a good idea.


No that’s actually nothing like that. It’s quite literary the opposite. But i get the point you are making

The vaccine card is literally handed to you at the time the vaccine is received. If voter id distribution for example was done during the census you’d guys would flip your ■■■■■

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I see…is that why libs want illegals to be included?


I have to carry proof of vacation for certain things like yellow fever when I travel to certain countries for work.

Right that’s the issue. It would have to include counting them but prohibiting them from being issued cards.

I just made this up btw lol. Honestly the illegal alien issue didn’t even cross my mind until i hit post.

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How so?

Confirmation codes sound great. Maybe social venues can incentivise them with discounts, as a thanks for acting in the mutual benefit of other customers and staff.

Sure. Just show your tattoo at the door. Illegals excluded of course because that would be unfair for them.


I’ll stick to entering it in a giftcode box, or scanning a QR code.

I’m sure the Jewish community would be on board.

I think a lot of people won’t be on board. Hopefully they will steer clear of venues that incentivise vaccination. Vaccinated, self-filtering crowds sound like the ideal social gathering.

Argh. Took like a good 5 mins trying to figure out why i am right.

I take it back there are a lot of similarities.

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Logistics question, where would you tattoo the barcode on people who already have tattoos there?