Dem Mayor Mayor Ted Wheeler Again Refuses Fed Assistance From the Fed Gov

For 95,93+ days of rioting, failure to arrest and hold the rioters by bailing them rioters with multiple criminal the democrat mayor once again decide and refused fed Assistance From the Fed Gov. And then you have Joe Biden claiming that Choas is because of Trump yet

Mayors like Ted Wheeler are refusing any assistance from the govt to hold the violence.
Again i know i posted this from twitter but this is where the mayor responded with a offical letter.

When the Fed assistance is in the form of nameless DHS stormtroopers, then yeah .


This again?

I know I am now always going to sign my letters like Mayor Wheeler.

Stay away, please.

That’s not smart.

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Thank you for being sane. lol


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Just remember, federal assistance is bad when it comes to healthcare, education, welfare, social services, disaster relief and the environment. However, you should strongly embrace federal assistance for local and state armed police response. It’s the Republican way.


Surely you’re not implying that sending Customs and Border people to police the streets of an American city isn’t a great idea.

Dems only request federal assistance to rebuild cities that they allowed protestors to burn down,

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No fear, those requests are denied.

Trump only cares for the states who truly can’t help themselves. And that adore him.

K…Ted…your chickens are coming to your home to roost.

Not a dime should go toward that. Not when it could have been prevented.

I wounder how many times those terrorists have been arrested and released back into the communities to terrorize.

A great many are from out of town. There are locals as well of course.

The governor of Oregon asked the sheriff’s departments to help keep control of the protestors/rioters. They refused, saying it wasn’t more people they needed but a change in policy in dealing with these lawbreakers.


Do you know if they released criminals early like other Democrats run cities?

Both the governor of Oregon and the mayor of Portland are morons that have allowed their "progressive’ ideology to rule their decision making. The citizens of Oregon and Portland must be proud and tolerant of the stooges they elected to be put in charge of their safety. Why the chicken ■■■■ governor hasn’t activated their NG and called for DOJ intervention is astounding! One could assume these imbeciles are “waiting it out” with the hopes and expectations 'Ol Joe Biden will win the (wretching sound) Nov election and Portland will benefit with a big fat goobermint check?
What are these fools going to do when more “outsiders” start pouring into the city and more shooting starts? No wonder Sheriffs outside Portland are telling the Gov “no thanks”. Who would want to put their men and women in a potential meat grinder?

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Simply out of curiosity. The writing style, is it a second language issue?

The writing style i wrote it late and i was tried so i apologize for that one.