DEM DENIAL: Warren Dismisses Unemployment Rate, Says Americans WORKING 4 JOBS to Survive | Sean Hannity

Hyper-liberal Senator and possible 2020 candidate Elizabeth Warren out-right dismissed the booming US economy Thursday, bizarrely claiming that Americans are working 3 or 4 jobs to “put food on the table.”

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Is there an echo in here? I could have sworn that line “people are working 2,3, 4 jobs to put food on the table”, didn’t Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez just say that yesterday? Dang Warren, can’t you even make up your own lies? Incidently, that statement was wrong coming from her too!

I would love to see Warren be the democRAT candidate, her ties to being a native of the country will be the biggest topic out there. It was Obama that made small companies only allow workers to work 20 hours a week so it was Obama that made people work two jobs or more to get to 40 hours a week. If people are working more it is because they want to unlike when Obama was President.

If they’re talking about West Virginia what they’re saying isn’t false.

First is was “everyone is working two jobs”(just to get by)…
Now Warren goes DEFCON 5 and says “FOUR jobs”…These idiot leftists are not smart enough to coordinate which lies they are going to spew.