Delta CEO: Government shutdown will cost the airline $25 million this month

“We’re seeing a reduction in revenues in the month of January,” Bastian told CNBC’s Phil LeBeau. Bastian said that’s due to government contractors and officials who haven’t been traveling. The airline is also facing certification delays for new aircraft with FAA inspectors not working, Bastian said."

When people say the government shutdown only affects government employees, don’t believe them.

The other issues they’re having are that Trump’s shutdown is stopping them from introducing new jets/routes (the feds have to sign off on changes). Delta is trying to get more corporate customers but can’t roll out the new products.

Maybe Trump should order those Federal employees to work without pay as well.

Why not force them to work? They could be sent to jail if they called in sick, too! It’s for the greater good.

Delta won’t be the last. I know my airline is in the same boat. Spend millions on new terminal and advertising new routes and ground contract and had already begun selling seats and allocation of fleet/crew for those routes. Schedules are made up so crews are going to get paid due to contract but that means dozen of aircrafts on the ground not making any money

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This will be great for the Super Bowl in Atlanta in three weeks if ATC refuse to work by calling in at the worlds busiest airport


ATC it will take a lot more for ATC to not show up. They are dedicated proffesionals who view their job as a calling. Their respect and mission to keeping our skies safe is remarkable…even when those ■■■■■■■ keep instituting flow and metering ;p

I don’t see how a government shutdown could possibly be affecting anybody. Now we can understand why financial experts tell us to have at least a six-month nest egg.

I glad that, because the shutdown is not affecting you, it couldn’t be affecting anyone. I think we need a total governmental shutdown.

I agree. A total government shutdown means we would be saving money.

As Ronald Reagan once said, “As government expands, liberty contracts.”

Under that logic, having no government means that liberty is maximized.

I never pegged Reagan as an anarchist, but there you have it.

Maybe people will realize how much they actually depend on government. I don’t think people do.

Remember when Trump did that FoxNews interview back in, I think, 2015 or so (which, amazingly, can be found nowhere on the Web anymore) where he stated the best way to get concessions on benefits, etc from American workers was to crash the economy so people would be so desperate for jobs they’d take any pay/benefits?

Who knew then he was laying out his actual plan?

We don’t need airlines. There is nothing wrong with travel by horse and buggy - like people did in the good ol days.


I’d kinda miss the elites preaching about global warming while jetting about on private and chartered flights.

Where’s Nancy?

I am not surprised. My husband’s company said that those who didn’t not want to fly do not have to. He has passed on taking a trip to Europe and two in the US.

My buggy whip business has been going great guns since the #TrumpShutdown.

I’m moving up into a thriving business selling 14.4 modems.


Raises hand.