DELICIOUS DIPLOMACY: Kim Jong Un Hopes to Open MCDONALD’S in North Korea

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North Korean dictator Kim Jong Un is reportedly working hard to open a McDonald’s restaurant in the heart of his nations’ capital in recent weeks, sending a “goodwill gesture” towards the United States ahead of next months’ possible talks with President Trump.

According to Fox News, the communist leader wants to open the fast-service restaurant in Pyongyang as both North Korean officials and their US counterparts prepare for potential denuclearization negotiations.

Kim Jong Un’s late father was such a fan of the iconic American restaurant that he reportedly had the hamburgers flown into North Korea from the nearest McDonald’s restaurant in neighboring China.

“Compared to the threat of nuclear war, of course, a Pyongyang McDonald’s seems like small fries. But experts and history suggest there’s more at play here than one token franchise,” writes the Washington Post.