Deleting someones postings

I visit plenty different types news pages, Liberal, Conservative, Neutral fair and balanced.
I enjoy the comment sections in each because it really offers a wide selection of thinking, you don’t quite get the freedom of in most place.
What I have noticed and is disconcerting is the ability for people who disagree with a topic to arbitrarily
delete someones post.
I don’t think some one Pro-Trump should be able to delete a post that is Verifiable as accurate.
Nor do I think someones Anti-Trump post just be deleted by any member in the comment section.
My recommendation for This site is a system where a Post can "FLAGGED"and moved to a Folder where only those who have a Certain Rank of Trust are able to vote on it and as a Community it is either then Deleted or Replaced back in the main section of The Forums.
A mandatory One week of review by the Community an a Democratic solution We can all agree on Would really be a Fair and Balanced response.
I see something that I don’t agree with and cant find any information that says its untrue I leave it alone.
If something is a Blatant disobeying of the rules, it’s isolation in a separate folder allows those with Trusted Verification the ability to see and refute any claims that someones POST was Unfairly removed.
Thank You for Your consideration.

i don’t think we can delete each other’s posts.

We actually already have a flag system on the forum. You can see the flag icon underneath the post if you click on the three dot icon.

Regular users have the ability to delete their own posts.

Moderators have the ability to delete posts that are against the terms of service, are abusive, are trolling and such.

Members of the board can report posts, moderators look at the posts. Moderators also participate in the board and remove posts that are not reported that are violations as well. If it’s a minor violation, the post is removed. Multiple violations result in a “silent” sanction where you can’t make any posts for a time, extreme violations result in you not being able to log into the board.