Delegate Math: Biden v Sanders

But then again, Trump was a pro choice democrat who famously is on the record saying if he ran, he would run as a republican because he could win there.

So I’m not sure rudderless means anything anymore.

lol. Yeah. Hell of a hostess gift they gave us.

i disagree. the phase one deal seems better than before. have to see what phase two would look like.

So, my questions about Phase 1 are, what are the mechanisms to police the purchasing pledges?

Ditto on the IP stuff. I read a lot of pledges…not a lot of enforceable actions.

I don’t know how much we will learn from the vote tomorrow. Many of the states have reported high early voting turnout. I do think that Bloomberg will get a few more votes then folks are predicting.

he was right.

as for “pro choice”, I’ll take his conversion for real. I see no evidence that it’s not. He, like me, seems mostly areligious, and like me, strongly supports religious liberty.

the enforcement mechanism is we put the tariffs back on. no need for a cumbersome process of mediation.

I see no evidence of that.

He honest to god seems to have no understanding of what ‘religious liberty’ might even mean. He simply is an opportunist who knows how to play his crowd.

His ‘conversion’…come on…that’s nuts. The guy has no depth of thought whatsoever.

But that’s disruptive tot eh businesses we’re trying to help.

and yet he out thought the gop, the dems, the media, and the establishment. got canada and mexico to renegotiate, got china to at least make a deal, got nato to pony up, and soon will have deals with GB and the eu. got real weapons into ukraine without russia pitching a fit and now is standing by watching the increasing tension between turkey and russia in syria reversing a trend of turkish movement toward russia. reversed the outsourcing trend and managed to keep the u.s. growing during what otherwise is a global economic… meh. passed criminal justice reform and got the country to energy independence.

if china didn’t want to make the deal work, they wouldn’t have made it. they know what happens and it’s in their interest to keep to it