Defund the Capitol Police

What are the odds that liberal pols will call for that?


I like it!

Also defund SS protection for everyone except the POTUS, VP and their families.

De-fund the security detail surrounding Congress.


Bah, beat me to it.

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There are 27 different uniformed law enforcement agencies in DC - and that’s not counting the FBI.

I am perfectly content with consolidation.

We don’t live in a police state.

Of course not. Perish the thought.

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Why don’t you get what they are saying?
I keep seeing a bunch of low information voters saying the same BS.

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As a side note - did you know that the US Mint and the US Bureau of Engraving each have their own police force?

There are two different sets of cops who investigate crimes related to the stamping of quarters and printing of One-Dollar Bills.

And neither of those police forces have jurisdiction to investigate counterfeiting.

“Security guards”

^ that is the answer to questions I forsee.

Did you know that Disney World in Florida has their own police too? I didn’t until we went there. I guess it makes sense though. When Corporations are big enough to become governments themselves, why shouldn’t they have their own police force?

We GET what they want. They want to divert more funds from Constitutional government to handouts. The policies of funding communities have continued to fail, yet here we are, asking for money to be diverted from GOOD government that reduces crime to crappy programs that will create more dependence on government and more crime. It’s IDIOTIC which is why people are ignoring folks like you when you keep asking the same stupid question over and over.

Want to reduce police arresting people? In the words of Jim Carey in Liar Liar … “STOP BREAKING THE LAW, *******”

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I like the first speaker in particular. He’s dead on correct.


Disney has their own internal security. Law enforcement is provided by the Orange and Osceola County Sheriff’s Offices since the parks straddles both counties.

Yes. They’re provided on the taxpayer dime. So much better. :roll_eyes:

the railroads have their own police.
in austin UT,austin community college,st edwards university and the austin school district have their own police force.
plus travis county sherrif,travis county constibles,austin police department,austin park rangers,
im sure there are others too

as long as the park police can investigate murders, all is good

Agree. Sort of. The highly specialized and so are the capital police. Don’t tamper with them. Many of the federal departments have there own military units. I’m not sure who they are preparing to go to war with. But cut them too.

â– â– â– â– â– â– â–  youtube suspending people accounts for posting news and information that goes against their radical left-wing agenda.


Put it on a new channel.

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