Define "abortion on demand"

I want only serious and concise answers. No prosletyzing or evangelism.

While I am pro-choice, I believe people who use this phrase are only for abortion in case of Rape or life of the mother. Hence abortion on demand without a reason as they see it

Imo, he means it to mean, anytime the mothers life isn’t in danger.

I don’t care about Hannity’s intended definition.

You should read the book. Often teasers are displayed on the cover to entice the viewer to crack it open and find out for themselves.

I don’t need another coffee table book.

I’m interested in other people’s definitions because I hear it frequently from pro-lifers.

Well you bought him and his book up in the original post before editing.

I thought you wanted to talk about Sean’s new book “Live Free or Die” since it was your muse for this thread.

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Well to me there is no such thing as “abortion on demand”…Legal abortion is abortion. Therefore I can’t define it, I can only give my opinion of how I think others define it.

This pro-lifer thinks it means anytime the mother wants to kill the baby growing inside her.

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Abortion on demand (or request).

The ability to procure an abortion to a certain gestational point without having to satisfy any requirements.

For context, my abortion views are below.

I support abortion on demand to the point of viability.

Beyond viability, I support abortion only for the life and health of the mother or in certain cases of rape and incest where the victim was unable to procure an abortion during pre-viability due to fear or duress. For youthful victims of rape or incest, I would support a broader window for abortion.


There is no such thing. Petty tyrants pretend a woman can walk into a clinic and get an abortion at any time in the pregnancy just by saying they want one.

That is exactly my view!

I only said that to provide context.

Mine too.

Available as an outpatient or inpatient procedure, unrestricted by gender (yes, I know what I mean; if a limitation on abortion can only apply to a woman, it isn’t allowed), at the full discretion of patient and physician only. No requirements for clinics which provide this procedure which do not also apply to all other medical practices or outpatient facilities.

Viability is ill determined, and too variable as a legal bar.

Full discretion to the pregnant person is the only legal and philosophical position which does not establish inequality of sexes as law.

i m waiting till one of the enlightened leftists here bring up supporting/defending the life of the developing innocent human